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  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 4

    Shock Value or the Real Thing? ejSalsac asked: “I wished to ask for your evaluation of a line of the English Attack which to my knowledge has rarely been played: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 Ng4 7.Bg5 h6 8.Bh4 g5 9.Nf5... | Read More

  • Chess.com University Online Chess Camp Lecture Topics, Registration Deadlines, and 3-Day Option

    With Chess.com University's first online chess camp (with Gelfand!) only two weeks away, we would like to reveal a few of our lecture topics: - ABCs of Successful Planning - Mastering Analysis and Evaluation - Calculating Like a Master - Effi... | Read More

  • The Master’s Bulletin, June 2014

    SUBSCRIBE HERE --> (You can find the Master's Bulletin archive here) Peter’s Chess Vibes Second Norm “In May I took two weeks off from work. Shortly before it started I decided to play an open tournament in Liechte... | Read More

  • The Bill Gates Variation

    How many of you could get a winning position against Magnus Carlsen after just eight moves of play? How many chess players in the world could do it? I know one of them, and his name is Bill Gates! Image: NRK/YouTube Not only did he achiev... | Read More

  • Review: John Nunn's Chess Course

    There is much debate these days about whether Magnus Carlsen has already surpassed Garry Kasparov as the best player of all time - have these people forgotten that Carlsen has only been World Champion for less than a year now? Kasparov reigned for... | Read More

  • The French - Tarrasch Variation 3...-Nf6

    In this article I want to look at "Ngf3 systems" of the French- Tarrasch Variation,( the "Universal System" ) and I would like to explore an interesting and rare setup. Black has many alternatives to the seventh move and can directly play on the ... | Read More

  • Game of Thrones

    © 2014, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website | Read More

  • Endgame Attacks, Part 1

    Endgame attacks? Aren't these two words mutually exclusive? Indeed, with limited material left on the board, the king is usually able to play a crucial role in the battle without worrying about its own safety. Nevertheless, you should not forget t... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #47 - The Fortress and the Cage, Part 2

    Professor: Hello, class. I see you’re back for more after last week's discussion. Zephyr: We certainly are. Hale: You had me thinking of fortresses all week. Professor: Did I? I’m sorry about that. Hale: Don’t be. True, I thoug... | Read More

  • A New Yorker and a Nomad to Contest Death Match 25

    At the age of 17, GM Boris Avrukh moved from Kazakhstan to Israel. Next month, he will move thousands of miles again, this time to the U.S. IM Yaacov Norowitz's big move? New York to New Jersey. Despite the oceans of difference, the two will conte... | Read More

  • Classic Pawn Structure, Part 3a

    When a player starts out, he’s told various rules that will help him navigate through the choppy waters of chess. A few basic ones are: Don’t hang your pieces Don’t swallow and talk at the same time Castle as quickly as possible Don’t all... | Read More

  • The Ohio Masters Open

    I want to invite all Chess.com members to a Chess Tournament and Festival that will be held in Dayton Ohio from July 25th-27th. Also at the same time as this event there will be the Dayton Irish Festival at local riverside park. The Dayton Chess ... | Read More

  • Play "The Reti" in a dynamic way....

    The fourth round showed us an exciting game and an interisting novelty in the International Tournament of "Forni di Sopra"- (Italy) Ufficial site: http://www.accademiainternazionalediscacchi.com/ Games and results : http://www.scacchirandagi... | Read More

  • Imbalanced Forces, Part 1

    A material imbalance in the endgame provides an unusual type of play. Here we watch the spectacle of pieces, each with different capabilities, fighting, trying to change the terrain to their own advantage. It is like two knights on horseback fight... | Read More

  • Kuwaiti-Hungarian youth friendship chess events in Budapest

    There is a youth blitz and rapid tournament in Budapest, 14-17th June, organized by IO Nagy, the owner of the First Saturday monthly events.  | Read More

  • La famosa partida inmortal

    Esta partida fue protagonizada por Anderssen contra Kieseritzky en la ciudad de Londres el año 1851. Pasó a la historia por el gran juego combinativo del jugador de blancas, quien sacrifica nada menos que una pieza menor en la apertura, las dos ... | Read More

  • Chessy Tunes

    © 2014, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website | Read More

  • Modern Chess Technique

    The hardest thing in chess, Frank J. Marshall warned us, is to win a won game. It is no surprise that technique - the ability to convert an advantage (of any kind) into a full point - is a coveted skill. As beginners, we are often told that solid ... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #46 - The Fortress and the Cage, Part 1

    Professor: Good evening, class. Lucian: Good evening? But it’s only one o’clock in the afternoon. Professor: Oh, forgive me. I’ve just flown back from Phnom Penh and I forgot to reset my watch. Here, the class wasn’t sure if the ... | Read More

  • Three Key Ways to Improve at Chess (part 3)

    In my past articles "Three Key Ways to Improve at Chess (part 1)" and "Part 2" I listed the three key methods of improvement that all chess players striving to get better should focus on: 1. Take in as much information about chess as possible (Le... | Read More

  • Defense in the Endgame, Part 2

    For the second part of this series, we will turn to the classical master of defense - Emanuel Lasker. Lasker had an unusual skill for hanging on in the most difficult of positions while simultaneously goading his opponents into the abyss. Each mov... | Read More

  • Test Your Chess Understanding, Part 3

    Usually an article discusses a particular player, or tactic, or some positional concept. When I teach tactical motifs, you know that all the puzzles are going to be about tactics. And if I am discussing a particular idea concerning a pawn structur... | Read More

  • The Velimirovic's Guide to the Modern Benoni, Part Two

    Today we'll continue learning typical ideas of the Modern Benoni using Velimirovic's games. But first, I would like to address the concern of one of our readers who, in his comments, expressed disappointment that none of Velimirovic's opponents pl... | Read More

  • The Dominican Order

          In his 1968 book called "The Poor Knight" ("Рыцарь бедный"). Vasily Panov described 23 year old Mikhail Tschigorin walking down Nevsky Prospect, a busy thoroughfare in St. Petersburg, with his friend Fedor discussing chess,... | Read More

  • Tal's Sacrifices Explained

    "When I asked Fischer why he had not played a certain move in our game, he replied: 'Well, you laughed when I wrote it down.'" -Mikhail Tal (1936-1992)  Neither Mikhail Tal's life, nor his personality, nor his playing style, nor his ailments can... | Read More

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