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  • Good King Hunting

    One of the biggest thrills in chess is getting the chance to conduct a king hunt successfully (unless you happen to be the party getting hunted down, of course). The most famous example (and rightly so) is the Kasparov-Topalov, Wijk Ann Zee ... | Read More

  • Brain Food = Better Chess !

    Hello Everyone! I am happy to annouce the release of my first (coauthored with my wife) chess ebook ! "The Chess Player's Recipe Book: 20 Brain Enhancing Meals, Snacks and Drinks" For chess.com readers I would like to share a recipe and puzzle ... | Read More

  • Checkmates of the day - 12.18.2014 - day 8

    Alexei Shirov beat the Top english player Michael Adams in Reykjavik in 2003. Black to move and checkmates in 1 Today's second puzzle was created from the game which was played by two World Champions, Vladimir Kramnik and Ruslan Ponomariov in ... | Read More

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