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  • Catching your opponent off guard using the Nimzovich defence

    Aaron Nimzovich (1886-1935) was author of many opening ideas. One of which I like best to catch an opponent of guard is the Nimzovich defence 1. e4 Nc6. Black simply antagonizes e4 by covering d4 and e5 by the knight. If white plays 2.d4 black pla... | Read More

  • Homecoming Chapter 1

    I had homecoming last night, this will be a chapter by chapter description. :) | Read More

  • my blog

    | Read More

    • robinsoul
    • | Oct 3, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • My game on Oct 3

    | Read More

  • Game 1.

    | Read More

    • DeepaVenna
    • | Oct 3, 2015
  • قهوه مبادا

    با یکی از دوستانم وارد قهوه‌خانه‌‌ای کوچک شدیم و سفارش‌ دادیم. بسمت میزمان می‌رفتیم که دو نفر دیگر وارد قهوه‌خانه شدند. و سفارش دادند... | Read More

  • Opening Systems

    For chess players who hates memorising opening lines, I recommend you to study some systems. I will give 10 examples of systems here, 5 with Black and 5 with White. 1. The Hedgehog This system is usually used against the Open Variation in the Si... | Read More

    • williamn27
    • | Oct 3, 2015
  • Las tablas, ¿un mal endémico del ajedrez?

    Tablas es el nombre que en el ajedrez le damos a un empate. No es algo inusual en el deporte, aunque no todos los deportes tienen este concepto hay muchos donde la competición siempre tiene que acabar con la victoria de uno de los participantes. ... | Read More

  • naruzoの「仙台もみじチェス大会終了 」

    只今ホテルに帰ってきました。 今度は、10月11日、12日の札幌オータムチェス大会に 出場予定。 今回の仙台もみじチェス大会出場人数は10人。 結果は。。。 札幌終了後に、まとめ... | Read More

    • naruzo
    • | Oct 3, 2015
  • USCF 2015 Tournaments By State

    Upcoming Tournaments   National Events   Grand Prix Events   Foreign Events Tournament Listings by State AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasNorthern CaliforniaSouthern CaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict of ColumbiaFloridaGeorgiaHawaii... | Read More

  • The Sämisch Gambit with Reversed Colors

    Yesterday, I played an interesting game in a local tournament. I already shocked my opponent with my first move (1.Nf3 Nc6). The idea of developing the knight to c6 after 1.Nf3 came to me in a game that I played some time ago. It allows many tra... | Read More

    • kurze15
    • | Oct 3, 2015
  • "Have a nice day"

    | Read More

    • DeepaVenna
    • | Oct 3, 2015
  • Fide World Cup 2015, Mamedyarov - Caruana

    Hi everyone! I'm very happy to share with you an annotated game about the Chess World Cup 2015, I hope that you will enjoy it.  Soon I will load other games about it! Would you like to be informed about my videos? join my channel now!  ... | Read More

  • My most painful defeats

    In this thread, I'll share these games I don't know whether I want to remember them or forget them. Let's inaugurate it with a "good" example. Maybe I'll comment that game later but rather now, the pain is too fresh... LESSON 1: Don't try to be ... | Read More

  • King's Gambit, Part 2: The Dreaded Double Muzio!

         Welcome to my series on the King's Gambit! This is a comprehensive, multi-part series on the famous Romantic-era opening, covering every line you wanted to see and many that you didn't. We'll continue with the fiercest and most violent var... | Read More

  • Strategic King's Indian Lessons from So-Nakamura Saint Louis 2015

    I explored the tactical themes from So-Nakamura, Saint Louis 2015 in my blog post.   http://www.chess.com/blog/blohmoremoney/tactical-kings-indian-lessons-from-so-nakamura-saint-louis-2015   I felt it very important to highlight three strategic ... | Read More

  • Tactical King's Indian Lessons from So-Nakamura, Saint Louis 2015

    If you want to play the Black side of the King's Indian then you want to be familiar with the tactical themes illustrated in the King Hunt from So-Nakamura Sinquefield Cup, Saint Louis 2015.   I discovered this game after taking advantage of th... | Read More

  • King's Gambit, Part 1: A Bust to to the Fischer Defense

         Welcome to my series on the King's Gambit! This is a comprehensive, multi-part series on the famous Romantic-era opening, covering every line you wanted to see and many that you didn't. We'll start with the one that everyone and their brot... | Read More

  • Mate with 3 knights!

    Sometimes it's just better to resign... *evil laughter* Enjoy this hilarious game.  | Read More

  • Newsletter #53 ~ Next Stop, Vegas!

    This is the last newsletter before the tournament begins on October 8th. We have lots of exciting news to report.  Millionaire Square Prize  It seems like a crazy thought, but one lucky chess player may walk away from the MCO a million dollars... | Read More

  • Childish Gambino - 3005

     The new album from Childish Gambino | Read More

    • harrisl67
    • | Oct 2, 2015
  • KID Classic Variation--Bishop sac on h3--Part 9 (Last in Series)

    In this game a pair of 2400s square off in 1997. This game is typical of play below the 2500 FIDE level--back and forth, moves that make you cringe if you've played through the first 7 games in this series, opportunities missed and taken for both ... | Read More

    • XxxRated
    • | Oct 2, 2015
  • 2015 World Rapid & Blitz Championship

    What: 2015 World Rapid & Blitz Championship Where: Berlin, Germany  When: October 9-15 So don't miss it! I will be trying to get the scores on the blog.  THANK YOU!!! | Read More

  • Puzzle#11

    Embora as brancas tenham jogado na partida melhor do que como foi apresentado no puzzle, botei essa situação ficticia que havia calculado como uma das possibilidades no jogo. A rede de mate no puzzle foi, em minha opinião, mais elegante do que ... | Read More

  • The French In Depth(Key Concepts)

    Before I show the main Variations of the French you should get farmiliar with the concepts of all of them. Common concepts in the french for Black include making a C5 break to gain space, playing F6 to try to exchange white's E pawn, trying to tra... | Read More

    • Graber7
    • | Oct 2, 2015