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  • I beat Computer Impossible

    I just beat Computer -4 Impossible in 5 | 0 My record is officially 11-770   below is the game with light commentary:     If you made it this far, congrats. White has a classic Knight vs Bishop dominating position. The advantage became c... | Read More

  • Introduction to Najdorf Sicilian

    Introduction to Najdorf Sicilian (IM Jose Gascón)           The Najdorf Sicilian its probably the most popular defense of entire history of chess against 1.e4... The Najdorf starts after            The popularity of this defe... | Read More

  • How to Solve Chess Puzzles #21

    I share my thoughts while trying to solve 3 chess puzzles. Feel free to quickly pause the video before I share what I'm thinking with each chess puzzle if you'd like to solve them on your own. http://youtu.be/_HX3SCfiY68 | Read More

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