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  • The End Of One Road, Beginning of Another Part 1

    Hey Chess.com!  It's been quite a while! I've wanted to write another blog for the last few months but one thing after another and I've never gotten to doing it. But here it is finally!   In my last blog, I talked about playing in the 201... | Read More

  • Sicilian Defence

    | Read More

    • Matilda876
    • | Oct 20, 2014
  • I. Kreitner - N. Bellon 1-0, poor choices/analysis

    An off night for me.  Here, I was okay coming out of the opening but got sloppy in the middlegame and gave the game away.  No excuses, but there are some nights where you lose focus despite your best efforts.  Fatigue is tough to fight.  Analy... | Read More

  • Join a DHLC 45/45 Qualifier Today!

    Do you enjoy a serious game of chess?  How about THREE?  Why not join the DHLC and play in our next 45/45 Qualifier?   QUALFIER 24 SIGN UP! Just click here to join the Dan Heisman Learning Center today! http://www.chess.com/groups/join?id=... | Read More

  • PlayChessNowNat

    Hi, everybody who's reading my blog! I don't really have anything to say... I just randomly clicked on the blog button... I have alot of ...ts right... Well, thats because I like using...ts... Uuhh... Thats it-BYE! | Read More

  • My game against GM Bartel

    Hello, I would like to show my game against the polish grandmaster Mateusz Bartel. We met last weekend in the German Bundesliga. I tried the French defence first time against a high-level player. I cannot be satisfied with the result but we play... | Read More

    • GM Medvegy
    • | Oct 20, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • Listening to Music

    New scientific question for today: Will listening to music help with playing chess? Post answers below if you have tried it. See u next time.  | Read More

    • sparklenpt
    • | Oct 20, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • Challenging Position for White

    Here is a position from a correspondence game where I could not find a decent move. In fact, during the game I thought the position was lost. Whereas in my post-game analysis I am surprised to learn that there is one move that maintains a drawish ... | Read More

  • Playoffs? Did you say, Playoffs?

    This week the Blitz continue their arduous journey back to the top as they face long time foe, The Baltimore Kingfishers.  True, we will run out of matches long before we ever catch the third place team, (big) BUT, we could catch Philadelphia for... | Read More

  • brigatines66 You Tube Playlist CHESS:

                              | Read More

  • Attacking When the Time Is Right

    A fine demonstration of building up a position and attacking, ignoring all of my early middle game errors of course! | Read More

  • Шахматная премия года от ShahMatKanal.com

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  • ...قصه ای هست که هرگز دیگر نتواند شد آغاز

    تو رو به خدا بعد من مواظب خودت باش  گريه نکن آروم بگير ، به فکر زندگيت باش غصه ام ميشه اگه بفهمم داري غصه ميخوري شکايت از کسي نکن برو که خ... | Read More

  • Multi-Shadow Bowlder Attack

    Multi-Shadow Bowlder Attack is a special tactic develop to put more pressure on Black's weak opening or defense. In this tactic, the key pieces are: Knight, Rook, Bishop and a Pawn. Take the advantage of the inability of the Black to castle. The m... | Read More

  • Chess for the Dummies

    Learning about chess is fun! Chess is an indoor sports and the main objective of the game is to mate the King. There are different ways to do this. First, by setting up your different pieces into the different positions on the board and surprising... | Read More

  • machine

    dashbord | Read More

    • kayvan-aa
    • | Oct 20, 2014
  • Стрим #34 ШахМатКанал Блиц Онлайн Шахматы

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  • Как у меня искры из глаз летели

    Играл на чес ланде. Достался противник с перевесом в 300 баллов. Игра получилась в одни ворота, но ходы противника не переставали радоват... | Read More

  • سه شنبه هــــــا

    توی هفته های بی نام و نشون روز دیونگی ها سه شنبه بـــــــــود با خودم می گفتم ای کاش همه روزای خــــدا ســــه شنبه بـــــــود . . . ............ | Read More

    • achmaz92
    • | Oct 20, 2014
  • Young vs Old

    Here's analysis of game 2 of the recently finished match Giri-Shirov and some thoughts on passing of time and its effects on chess strength and preparation. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2014/10/young-vs-old.html Hope you enjoy it! A. | Read More

  • درآمد میلیاردی روستایی ایرانی از هتل بی ستاره

    کارآفرین میلیارد دلاری ایران کارش را از دستفروشی و درآمد روزانه ٣ هزار تومان شروع کرده است. او تنها ٣٨ سال دارد و درآمدزایی چشمگیرش با یک... | Read More

  • Joy and frustration of a group leader!

    Joy and frustration of a group leader! I am now since one and a half years on Chess.com and I manage multiple small but strong groups. Leader group: ♥ HEART & MIND ♥ won 90% of the team matches! (Trend is upward!) I have many good pla... | Read More

    • Sarah_Gee
    • | Oct 20, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • Nonsensical Victories, Part 1: Most Unlikely Victory Ever

    Hello, non-existent readers! For my first ever blog post, I'll share the first rated correspondence game I played on Chess.com, about two months ago. It was absolutely terrible on my part. I was up against a pretty good opponent, and even if I h... | Read More

  • God

    "God is a concept by which we measure our pain." - John Lennon Discuss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI5NmhfqQGk | Read More

  • Who will make right move first

    It's a position from my game. White winning or a draw? Black have very bad bishop. But, maybe, Black can build fortress? Main idea is fixing kingside. If White will play g4, that's will make black h-pawn weak. And White will win. But if Black wil... | Read More

    • McArchuk
    • | Oct 20, 2014