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Hi all,

Today I'm not going to post a chess-related entry. There are several issues happening at this very moment that require attention, and everyone willing to read, learn and consider what I write should do so.

There are numerous ways of misinterpreting faith in a divine power. Let it be told very clearly:

God is Love

If we see this divine power as the interconnection of all and everything (like I do), then God manifests itself in all and everything: me, you, the device you are holding in your hands, the coffee I just drank, the hairs that lie around your chair, everything. To me, we are one great family of interconnection.

"A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet." - Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Who Speaks For Earth (Episode 13)

Watch the whole episode, be astonished, and enjoy the fact that we together are one.

For this very same reason, there is no constructive point in ego. Surely, everyone has an ego to some extent, as do I, but as I learned from both my experience in socializing with many different people on the broadness of the entire continuum from Narcissistic Personality Disorder to Mother Theresa Disorder (the obsessive rescuer in all types of problems), and a mailing list which is called Thought For Today, the trick is to try not to let ego blur your commonsense. This could have severe consequences. Arguments directly evolve from ego, potentially causing a fight, a war, or a death.

"Ego is the enemy of peace" - TFT

The logical consequence is that I try to evade any of these. Sure, should I be in the position that a 40-year-old bloke pulls my arm in a bar to try to assail me, then he shouldn't be surprised to receive an elbow in his face. But I consider violence as a betrayal of my ideologies. And not just mine, but to the human species as a whole. We humans are the only species who are able to totally annihilate itself, and it is our job not to.

If there is a fight around me, no matter who, the first thing I attempt to do is to solve the issue without being dragged into the actual conflict. And would I be having a fight with someone else, then it is my duty to not enroll others who have nothing to do with it.

I would really appreciate if I would be kept out of the equation if I'm not supposed to be there in the first place.

I intentionally haven't put names here. Everyone can think of a situation like this. I am having multiple situations into which I'm undesiredly being dragged at the moment, and I do not want that those who are not involved in them would be enticed. And personal issues should never go at the cost of the pure intentions of others.

To be really frank, had I been given the choice which of multiple friend to lose, I'd rather die or quit entirely than to choose between love and love, or fire and fire.


Love, Simone


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    in real estate and property development... and in life too... location, location, location. 


    If you can find a better place - that's the one ...

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    Many millions have been tortured and killed in the name of god, going back centuries.

    Personally, I do not believe in god, but I do believe in loving others as myself, or at least not harming others. I try to apply this principle in my life.

    I also believe in direct action against injustice, even taking life risks. So far, I have survived, probably because many bullies in business and community life are cowards.

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    True. I was abile to live in and around differant cultures from 15-20 years old   acceptance of others and different believes is not mankinds nateral way

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    Simone, U started the topic on a broader note. But, anyway, In life, in general, innocents always get dragged into unpleasant situations by ignorant manics! This seems to b the way of the world. We can only ignore the ignorant ones n try to lead our life as peacefully as possible. Never fall into traps or arguements one does or does not actually concerned with is the only to hav a pleasant life. i learned that the hard way! One can only pray to God and seek His Blessings which will surely come if one is faithful. Live long n Prosper, Simone. I wish for U that!
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    very nice Simone.... :)

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