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    • Endgame studies with annotations from world champions. Max Euwe

      Henri Weenink. White to play and win My choice is determined by the simplicity of the study, interesting move ideas and some elements of surprise. It's clear that White can't win with "simple" moves. If Bishop goes to d3, e4 or f5, White will lo... | Read More

    • Endgame studies with annotations from world champions. Emmanuel Lasker

      Compiled by Gia Nadareishvili, Grandmaster for chess compositions (1921-1991). Presented as puzzles (see move lists for variants and annotations). Alexey Troitsky. White to play and draw. An ingenious idea. White try to Queen their pawn with che... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal's interview after winning his 5th USSR Championship in 1974

      What were your sporting targets at the 1974 Championship? Essentially, I didn't play any chess in the first half of the year, but after the Olympiad, my schedule was very intense: 96 games in half a year, with short breaks. So I didn't count on a... | Read More

    • Viktor Korchnoi's interview after the 1968 Korchnoi - Tal Candidates' match

      From the 64 newspaper, 24th July 1968 My impressions about Grandmaster Mikhail Tal were always clear enough, but only after our match I have finally witnessed his true chess make-up. First and foremost (it may even sound paradoxical for those wit... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal's blindfold simul for documentary

      Footage from the Seven Steps Beyond Horizon documentary   Subtitles: Grandmaster M. Tal, blindfold simultaneous display Announcer: Board six, Nb8 to c6. M. Tal: c3 takes d4. Announcer: Board eight, d6 takes e5. M. Tal: e4 to e5 (? Both Ta... | Read More

    • USSR Championship statistics and records: age-related

      All ages are given at the day of the tournament's beginning.   The oldest player to take part in the USSR Championship: Vasily Smyslov - 67 years, 4 months, 1 day (1988) Vladas Mikenas - 60 years, 7 months, 8 days (1970) Grigory Levenfish - ... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal TV interview in 1987

      The whole program was posted on Youtube on Summer. I have discovered it only recently and translated all that was said and made the TV cut. It differs from my other blog posts about that interview in one thing: I translated Tal's words directly,... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Jan 16, 2013
    • A small Alexander Alekhine anecdote

      In 1919, Alexander Alekhine worked at a film studio in USSR. A man entered the lobby and asked to see someone from the educational department. "I'm listening, Mr. Poluektov", Alekhine said. "Do we know each other?" the visitor asked, puzzled. "... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Oct 17, 2012
    • Some USSR Chess Championship statistics and records

      Here's your chance to learn some fascinating facts about the USSR Championship players, including those you probably never heard about! Most points scored in all USSR Championships, top 10: Mark Taimanov - 243; Efim Geller - 233.5; Lev Polugaevsk... | Read More

    • Smyslov takes on Ivanchuk... and wins

      This game was played at the 1988 USSR Championship. Vasily Smyslov, 68 at the time, shows his 19 years old namesake that he's still a formidable opponent. Annotated by Vasily Smyslov and Garry Kasparov. Another game from the same tournament. Sm... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Sep 11, 2012