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danheisman's Blog

    • The Amazing Power of Board Vision

           Before we do anything else, get out your stopwatch. Using the following position, I want you to generate two numbers as fast as you can and record your time: 1) How many legal moves does White have? and 2) How many of those legal moves che... | Read More

    • Avoiding the BIG mistake

           Over the years I have reviewed thousands of games played by intermediate players. The blunder that ended the following recent game, shown to me by a student last night, is typical of the type of "big" mistake you often find in those player... | Read More

    • There is no Single Correct Thought Process

      New in Chess sent me a couple of books to review and I am currently looking at the very interesting Move First, Think Later: Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess by Willy Hendriks. I am only few the first chapter or two but his message is cl... | Read More

    • 2012 Chess Journalism Awards

      I just found out that the Chess Journalists of America have announced their 2012 awards. I am happy to announce that my Novice Nook column at www.ChessCafe.com has won the award for "Most Instructive Lesson" for the 7th (!) time and overall "Best... | Read More

    • Improving vs. Maximizing Performance

      As a full-time chess instructor for the past 16 years, I am amazed how many times I run across cases where students don't understand the difference between improving and maximizing performance. Both the end goals and the methods differ greatly, as... | Read More

    • The First Game I ever had published

      The following game was played when I had been playing tournament chess for only 9 months (age 16): This game was published in the Pennsylvania State newsletter The Pennswoodpusher. It was one of the first games I memorized because it was fair... | Read More

    • Whatever Happened to Everyone's Second Chess Book?

      Hardly a week goes by where I don't get an email "I hear your Everyone's Second Chess Book is just what I need. However, the used book prices on Amazon are unworldly. Do you have a spare copy to sell or when will it be reprinted? Indeed, the leas... | Read More

    • Nitpicking the Author

      It's difficult for a chess author nowadays. Someone will email "Fritz says your analysis on p.11, move 16, line 42 is wrong. Black's move should be 23...Rxf7! -0.34" Just like the GMs whose games are followed online, and criticized by average pl... | Read More

    • Time Spent Evaluating

      In his book The Seven Deadly Chess Sins GM Rowson states that when you have an analytical position that spending more time analyzing can be very fruitful (up until about 20 minutes when you can get tired and confused). However, he notes that in no... | Read More

    • Strong Players Compare Candidates

      Good quote from C. Hesse in his new, fun book The Joys of Chess (publisher: New in Chess), when summarizing A. de Groot's finding from the latter's famous (but not fun - more like a PhD thesis!) book Thought and Choice in Chess:"Weaker players of... | Read More