Tactics Trainer Thoughts IX (the rating list)

Well, I finally got smart enough to realize there was a rating list on the Tactics Trainer...I promptly dropped 300 rating points, though I don't know whether that was because I didn't think I belonged in the top 400 "practitioners", or because I had truly exceeded my capacities and was falling back to the meanTongue out. Did find it interesting seeing the fact that the top rated player has an abysmal success rate. GM Ray Robson (spelling) has quite a high success rate--I think it was around 70%. Me, I've foolishly clicked on the wrong squares, or simply moved on instinct too many times, so I hover around the 51.3% range after several thousand puzzles. At that point, one of the laws of large numbers simply leaves you in a place where you can't significantly alter the percentages...unless I reset the record to zero and regain my anonymityCool.

Found one of my games among the examples, but stupidly did not write down what number it was...idiot...on the plus side, when I played that game back in the early 1970s it took me a lot longer to find the combination. Then again, at 40/2 there is no hurry. Hmm...there is probably some way to sort on position so I can stroke my own ego and tell my compatriots about my tiny, tiny piece of immortality.

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