Tactics Trainer Thoughts V ("max" your rating:-)

What happened to T-cubed II and IV? Since these are just random, odd thoughts, I decided not to be even-handed...

How to maximize your Tactics Trainer rating! OK, this is easy, but sleazy. If you don't figure out the problem, just exit the trainer before making a move. SIGH. Really? Yup...figured that out when my family interrupted me while I was part way through a solution, and I realized I'd end up losing rating points because they were taking so much time away from the problem, so I just exited.

So, it's a technique, but c'mon, what's the point. Your personal ethics should ultimately be enforced individually...who else really has the power to do so?

Oh...T-cubed is the mathematical acronym for Tactics Trainer Thoughts (TTT = T^3 = T**3 = T-cubed, in various formulations.)

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