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    • Crushing Win

      Sometimes one gets lucky and gets a quick crushing win over one's opponent.  Enjoy.  (Yes, it features another Pirc defence.) | Read More

    • An instructive game for beginners

      Felt this game was a  good illustration of wasted tempo in the opening.    Enjoy | Read More

    • What now?

      So, I managed to reach 1800 ELO. Finally, what's next?   Obviously, getting to my life-long dream of 2000 ELO  now looks like a possibility. Just how to I get there? 1),I need to keep enjoying chess. Rating improvements are merely the by-pro... | Read More

    • My journey to 1800 ELO: chess pointers

      I decided to write a blog post detailing how I came to finally reach 1800 ELO. This post will hopefully instruct other chess players looking to improve their game. 1) Stick to a consistent opening repertoire  This may sound obvious so I shall e... | Read More

    • Don't centralise your king too early!

      In life, timing is everything. As in chess, the timing of when to centralise your king is important. In general, if major pieces are still on the board (rooks and queens) it's better to have your king tucked safely away in some corner. The follo... | Read More

    • Finally, 1800 ELO broken!!

      Okay, this may sound incredibly silly but there were tears of joy in my eyes when I broke 1800 elo on this website. (My wife was most amused to say the least) I've never cross the 1800 ELO rating before in any other internet chess websites or pla... | Read More

    • Another nice miniature

      I always love catching my opponent's king in the center. | Read More

    • Attacking Masterpiece.

      Just played a wonderful game in which I was able to exploit my opponent's king in the center. Computer analyses confirms no mistake on my part which is why i dared to call this game a masterpiece.  Please enjoy.  | Read More

    • A miracle tactic which saved my game

      Just when i thought all hope was lost, my opponent blundered. Thankfully I was alert enough to spot the tactic.  Try to solve the puzzle below  | Read More

    • A nice game in the Dutch Defence.

      A good game illustrating the dangers of losing control of the centre at an early stage. It also features a nice king hunt with my opponent's king trapped in the center. | Read More