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  • Carlsen-Tomashevsky

    Here you can check out my interview with Magnus Carlsen after his victory over Evgeny Tomashevsky. The World Champion used the London system to beat the Russian Champion in only 30 moves, quite an achievement. I found this game quite instructive a... | Read More

  • My Path to FM - Week 3 (Part 1)

    Click here for "the plan"   I'm doing this week's blog early and in two parts.  This part will focus on my training efforts for the week.  Part 2 will come out on Sunday and will cover the tournament I'm playing in on Saturday.   This will... | Read More

  • My Learning Moments - Rook Activity and Stockfish

    Hi Chess Friends, I finally downloaded one of the top chess engines, Stockfish and it's been intersting to see how it's evaluations differ from those of the old version of Fritz that I had been relying on. I was pleased to see how my thoughts on ... | Read More

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