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  • Visualization Puzzles #4

    Easy: After 1. Rh7+ Kg8 2. Rfg7+ Kf8 3. Rxd7, can Black get away with ...a1=Q?   Medium: The game went 50...Rf8 51. Rxb4 f6 52. Bc5 Rc8 53. exf6 Rxc5 54. f7 Rc8 55. Rb7 and now Black played ...Bd3, but what if Black had played ...Bg6 intendin... | Read More

  • Pitting Red Bull vs. Orange Juice

    Nakamura and Carlsen are well known for their favorite drinks - Red Bull and Orange Juice, respectively. Their battles on the chessboard have mostly resulted in an Orange Juice win, and when they met again in Bilbao, no one was expecting anything ... | Read More

  • Sometimes I Wonder...

    If I should be worried about how much joy my team takes in posting all my humiliating moments to our social media channels   Your thoughts? Time to look for new, more supportive team members, or embrace the self-deprecation?  Most re... | Read More

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