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  • Before the Olympiad

    Probably the most personal post I've ever written, not brimming with positive energy and optimism, as it used to be when I was preparing to play Olympiads before. Basically, just thinking aloud about my problems. | Read More

  • A guide to the chess Olympiad – Part II

    Foar Part 1, click here.     In the last article I described the basics of the chess Olympiad, and mentioned that it used to be dominated – almost tediously so – by the USSR. But the chess world is different now an... | Read More

  • Lazy Intuition

    As a chess reporter I attend many chess festivals and top tournaments, but last week I was reminded that many times the game is enjoyed on a small scale. Last week I played the Geraardsbergen Open and enjoyed it just because of that: as ... | Read More

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  • Pawn Structure Explained for Club Players

    Hi chess friends! Get ready for this week’s training on mastering pawn structure. It starts on Saturday (08/27) at 12pm EST. Click here just before noon EST to join the webinar - it's free! If you want to follow the lecture attentively, yo... | Read More

  • Is chess a sport?

    This question puzzles me all the time as I argue about it a lot. SO is chess a sport? In a way it is as you have to exercise your brain to find tactics, strategy etc. You are also exercising your arm and fingers. It's also pretty competive, like... | Read More

    • 11dex-11
    • | Aug 24, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • Cheating Engine Users

         I'm gettg really frustrated lately. All advice I get to improve my play and understanding of chess is, "play longer games, dont pay blitz." That's cool and all, I dont mind the longer games. My problem is, I've noticed the longer the games... | Read More

  • Winning an explosive game of tactics.

    Winning this kind of games puts a smile on my face the whole day. =)    | Read More

  • Game of the Week: Weakened Defenses

    This week, I decided to pull a game from my archives where I actually ended up losing the game. Although it is often not very fun, it is important to review our losses in order to identify our mistakes and shortcomings, and improve our play as a r... | Read More

    • ijgeoffrey
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • Wherein I disregard advice and explain erratic behavior

    Someone told me two days ago that I shouldn't apologize, but I'm going to anyway because screw the rules but also I deleted everything in my blog yesterday. Sorry. I still have it, just not here. I'm too much of a pack rat and a narcissist to tru... | Read More

  • Game I Blundered Away

    I felt pretty good about this game until i blundered on the 26th move.  I've faced this player several times in the past and felt this was finally going to be the time I would beat him.  This one hurts. | Read More

    • DocRoy
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • Another NM, another draw, with some irrelevant stories: Seafair Open Round 3-5

    "I adjust", my opponent said. I'd heard this 100 times over our last 2 games that we have played. After EVERY move, my opponent had to adjust my piece, (Note: This story may have been altered to be more interesting to the reader, but there are no ... | Read More

  • Overload And Frustration

    by HJS Almost everybody I know these days seems to be cramming more and more into an already full schedule. One more meeting, one more activity for your kids, another appointment, and don't forget dinner with the family on Friday. How much can y... | Read More

    • JD-ex
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • World Open 2015 Rd. 7

    Sharp eyed readers will recognize this game from Lev Alburt's 'Back to Basics' Chess Life column (Nov. 2015). Please see this article for his comments.       | Read More

    • mjgiordano
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • A lição de um grande mestre de xadrez para resolver problemas

    Maurice Ashley é um grande mestre do xadrez. Ele foi o primeiro americano negro a conseguir esse título e foi incluído neste ano no Hall da Fama do xadrez dos Estados Unidos. Ashley não só é um excelente jogador como faz questão de promover... | Read More

    • Aarao
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • My interview with Alina l'Ami

    --   Alina l'Ami is a professional chess player well known in the chess world because, beside being a strong player (she holds the IM and the WGM titles), she works as a correspondent for writing interesting tournaments reports fr... | Read More

    • Sentenzio
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • LIVE "GM Blitz Battle Championship: Carlsen - Grischuk" — ShahMatKanal

      Битва гроссмейстеров: Магнус Карлсен (Норвегия) и Александр Грищук (Россия). Сегменты с контролями: 90 минут 5+2, 60 минут 3+2, 30 минут 1+1. ... | Read More

  • Bishop and Knight and Two Bishops V.S Lone King Endings

    Mate in 4   Bishop, Knight and King vs King - YouTube   Mate in 3   Chess Endgames- Checkmate with Two Bishops - YouTube | Read More

  • My game against Alexandra Botez's sister

    As many of you may know, WFM Alexandra Botez is widely considered to be the most attractive chess player on the planet. Given her fame, I figured it would be a good idea to post one of my games against Alexandra's sister, Andrea Botez. Feel free t... | Read More

  • Draw?

    | Read More

  • * * * May be Internet Speed Problem * * *

    * * * I was waiting for my opponent's move, suddenly got "GAME OVER - elesus vs. svn7 - elesus won - game abandoned (-9). Your new blitz rating is 1643."Then I had checked our game and see that "elesus" had moved, but in my side there was no move ... | Read More

    • svn7
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • ویگرکس پلاس اصل خرید قرص ویگرکس پلاس اصل امریکا

    قویترین و بهترین قرص بزرگ کننده آلت ویگرکس پلاس قویترین بهترین قرص بزرگ کننده آلت ویگرکس پلاس ساخت آمریکا افزایش توان جنسی درمان ناتوا... | Read More

    • attranaa
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • I CRUSHED MAGNUS 17 in 28 moves only!!

    Hello everybody It's me again. This time i will show you my AMAZING game against Magnus Carlsen at 17! That was a WILD game and i am shocked i did it, after losing only 5 games roughly. AT 17, Magnus had a rating of over 2700 an Elite GrandMast... | Read More

  • Accelerated Dragon Reflection Part 2: Trouble in Paradise

    Earlier, I introduced opening concepts in the Accelerated Dragon and reasons one should consider adding the Accelerated Dragon to his or her opening reportoire. Now, I will discuss some of the troubles I had as I faced stronger opponents. One thi... | Read More

    • IM yian123
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • Independence Day of Ukraine

    August, 24  - Independence Day of Ukraine (since 1991). | Read More

    • Osokor
    • | Aug 23, 2016
  • Chess in Islam

    Muslim 946 The Prophet said: "He who played chess is like one who dyed his hand with the flesh and blood of swine." Hadith Malik 554:1725-7 The Prophet said that he who played chess disobeyed Allah and His Messenger. A'isha(Muhammad's wife) c... | Read More

    • Nabium
    • | Aug 23, 2016

    | Read More

  • شاهد شاب مصرى يجعل الجميع يدمع .

    مؤثر جدااا | Read More


    My Pictures: My Blog: 3er CLASIFICADO (SUB-12)  VI TORNEO DE AJEDREZ CIUDAD DE PEÑA... | Read More

    • CORBEL2005
    • | Aug 23, 2016