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  • Kurzeste Schachmatt

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    • Iazgiddes
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • The Kill Zone

    A useful strategy one must keep in mind of when pursuing a fleeing king is the idea of a "kill zone." (Aagaard)   | Read More

    • NM linlaoda
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • Friday Night fun

    With every thing going on in this mad world .We all need to have a little fun and enjoy life because we don't know when God going to cut off the light in this world peace and love to all races. | Read More

    • CTP3
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • The daily study routine

    Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course     My goals:  1. I want to study chess in an organized way. I hope 21 days of organized study of the course will build my habit to cr... | Read More

  • Until Further Notice

    Hi guys!! Recently my laptop has been kernel panicking way much more than usual..... sometimes crashing itself as much as 5-6 times a day. So until further notice, I sometimes have to get offline after just 1 game :p. if anyone knows how to disabl... | Read More

  • Puzzle #11 Easy

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  • Windmill Sucka!

    Finally starting to get my see legs again (board legs?). Check out this flashy Q+N windmill tactic! | Read More

  • This is meaning of "Dont Give Up"

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    • Zabih1988
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • New look!

    ..... it is AWFUL! I hate to say,  but it is clunky, hard work to navigate, you forever scrolling to see your matches, lots of clicking around to send out a challenge, etc etc etc, a total waste of time....... why try to fix a site that does NOT... | Read More

    • ppotter2
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • On the Topic of Chess Coaches: Part 1

    I get lots of people asking me questions about chess coaching, partly because I’ve worked with numerous coaches of various strengths, ranging from B-Class to GM.  The other reason I think I get asked the question so often is that I’ve had a g... | Read More

    • Milliern
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • Power of a passed pawn in the endgame.

    I have decided to post blogs about my games only. But I'll be posting some other things too .  I have a goal to reach 1600 by September.  "I will soon reach 1600, no one can stop me" - KID_Harish  Today I played a nice 30|0 ga... | Read More

    • KID_Harish
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • Video Series - The Complete Grunfeld by Valeri Lilov

    A one-stop page for IM Valeri Lilov's instructional series on the Grunfeld  ~ Dave    The Complete Grunfeld: Introduction Get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Grunfeld Defense! FM Lilov kicks off this video series ... | Read More

    • daurzada
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • Daily Puzzle #12+#13

    Hi everyone! Sorry I forgot to post yesterday's puzzle.     | Read More

    • jong89
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • My first adventure against the Stenitz

    As a part of my new plan to improve my chess skills I will start posting blog updates about games that I have played here on You will have to endure my blunder infested games, after all I am in no way an expert of the game. But I hope ... | Read More

    • andgranath
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • check mate in tow moves!!!!

    1)f4   e6 2)g4   Qh5# | Read More

  • Bilbao Masters 2016 - Carlsen!

    Carlsen beat Karjakin in his typical style, but both players can take positives - Carlsen will take the confidence and Karjakin can console himself with the knowledge what to avoid in the match. In Dortmund we had a lesson in memorisation, plus K... | Read More

  • School of Chess

    Enjoy the 64 squares | Read More

  • FINRA Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC) currently under review by Cleveland attorneys A

    Darrin B. Farrow, in 2012, founded MAD Farmaceuticals, an entity that provides consulting services to the cannabis industry and also cultivates, produces, and manufactures cannabis in states where such activities are legal, the aforementioned AWC ... | Read More

    • MrPeste
    • | Jul 16, 2016
  • Here is all you need to know about - Chess Sets

    Chess pieces or chessmen are made in different materials, styles, and sizes. The difference in the designs of the chess pieces do not have any impact on the game, it is just that the different shapes, sizes, and materials are made to meet the diff... | Read More

  • Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin - 2016 Bilbao Masters Final

    This is a Round 3 game between World Chess Champion and World #1 Magnus Carlsen, and the upcoming challenger for the 2016 World Chess Championship Match, Sergey Karjakin. This 1st of 2 games between Carlsen and Karjakin from the 2016 Bilbao Master... | Read More

  • Impossible puzzle?!?!

    I was working with a student on puzzles last week. Usually, I would find the solution within seconds while I waited for my student to find it. They were mostly testing basic ideas, such as mate in 2 moves or trapping the queen or alo... | Read More

  • Please Join My Clubs

    Hi everyone Can you please join my clubs, The Best Bishops and Chess Animal. It would be greatly appreciated if you do this, because currently they have very few members. The Best Bishops has 19 right now and Chess Animal has 21.  Thanks, Che... | Read More

  • Fischer Random Universe - Chess960

    Internal tournaments with prizes -Chess960 (or Fischer Random Chess) is a variant of chess invented and advocated by former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer, publicly announced on June 19, 1996 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It employs the same boa... | Read More

  • Incorrect sacrifice

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    • davineau
    • | Jul 15, 2016
  • every one can do this

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