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  • Do you like Pokemon Go?

    Cast your vote in the comments below.   Do you like Pokemon Go? Yes-I love it Sort of-it's half good half bad No-It's the worst game ever just write yes, sort of or no if you vote votes will be counted on September 1st. A similar vote for... | Read More

    • 11dex-11
    • | Aug 18, 2016
  • The Boor Attack Strikes Again!

    Vladimir Polyakin, a known master in the tristate area, sucumbs to the Boor Attack in 20 moves.  | Read More

  • New Free HQ Quiz online competition!(With Prizes)

    Hey everyone! If you haven't read my blogs about you should! In my 2nd blog about it, I mentioned quiz competitions, right?! Well one started about a week ago, but you have to be a member to do it! Javier posts and update... | Read More

  • In the Name Of Knight

    | Read More

  • Changes...

    Well, I Just passed my two year 'Chessiversary' (making it two years since I decided to seriously study), and Frankly I'm a little disappointed where I am at... I seem absolutely glued to 1500 rapid, despite working hard on this time control- I h... | Read More

  • alekhine's death

    friends i hope all of you be fine... for years i have had a  great chess history restlessness . how it happened the death of Alekhine???? . i have read it happened when he was having dinner in a hotel dept...drink abuse or suicide thesis and ... | Read More

    • rovet
    • | Aug 18, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • "Samjhawan"

    | Read More

  • شاطر عباس صبوحی - نقطه خال تو + مینیاتور

    روزه دارم من و افطارم از آن لعل لب استآری! افطار رطب در رمضان مستحب است روز ماه رمضان، زلف میفشان که فقیهبخورد روزه خود را به گمانش که شب ... | Read More

    • Aliggator
    • | Aug 18, 2016
  • Supplies Unlimited Inc

    Please check out our eBay store at Great prices, great service and great products!! | Read More

  • Patience Padawan

    To everyone, a good day! Round 3 of the August Knights tournament was yesterday, and despite horrible play, I came out with a victory.  I am now 3-0 with two rounds to go.  I expect to play black against a 1750 or so in my next round.   I overh... | Read More

  • Supplies Unlimited Inc

    Please check out eBay store Supplies Unlimited Inc at Great prices and Great products.  | Read More

    • jrs2002
    • | Aug 18, 2016
  • Final round reached in Marvin's Guide to the Chess960 Universe event

    Following 28 months of elimination play, the final round of Marvin's Guide to the 960 Universe Part 2 began this week.  #2 seed kaffeeschluerfer and #4 seed friscodelrosario split two games in Round 4. | Read More

  • Onvacation

    Onvacation | Read More

    • fredwjohn
    • | Aug 18, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • 1 Min or 2 l 1 Bullet... Which Would You Choose?

    After playing lots of bullet chess, I decided to experiment, which is better 1 or  2|1? I have finally came to the conclusion that I think 1 min is better. Here in this blog post, I will give out the differences between both bullet formats.   ... | Read More

  • Training Routine

    July 2015 is when I started training harder to improve my chess. I search the internet, buy books, download apps and programs, and played a lot of chess. I also acquired 4 sets of boards already because I am a little picky about the piece design, ... | Read More

    • Alvin_Cruz
    • | Aug 18, 2016
  • From A to Zugzwang

    Dan Heisman is one of the most original and respected chess coaches around today thanks to his teaching of the Dan Heisman thought process – a logical thinking method that helps players calculate more accurately, form winning strategies and avo... | Read More

  • shoj ,fgh' - shoj ,fgh' vhd'hk - ساخت وبلاگ رایگان

    ساخت وبلاگ ,ساخت وبلاگ,ساخت وبلاگ حرفه ای,ساخت وبلاگ در پرشین بلاگ,ساخت وبلاگ در گوگل,ساخت وبلاگ در لوکس بلاگ,ساخت وبلاگ وردپرس,ساخت وب... | Read More

    • makeablog
    • | Aug 18, 2016
  • Great Victory !!

    Day: 15.07.2016 Location: Turkey Event: Terrorist uprising in the military ranks. Briefly coup attempt..   Starting! As in the same Egypt..   Resistance Getting started; and guns firing; F 16 s and helicopters... | Read More

  • New Free HQ Online Quiz Competition

    (Please note: in order to be able to take part in the competition, you must join our group first: ) This is a new HIGH QUALITY tactics chess quiz COMPETITION that I've just made for this group. It... | Read More

    • KID_Harish
    • | Aug 18, 2016
  • Sicilian Defence: Pros and Cons

    Hello everyone. This is a post about the Sicilian Defence. The Sicilian Defence is the most popular of all chess openings. Almost a quarter of all chess games begin with the Sicilian Defence. Its defining moves are: 1. e4  c5.   One of the rea... | Read More

  • Game

    | Read More

    • sailorwind
    • | Aug 17, 2016
  • Missed Wins = Draw

    Through the sultry haze of the eighth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of summer, aka August, I played the NAYCC and Washington International. Overallz l went up 50 points to nearly 2300 so im cool. I... | Read More

    • NM Snail28
    • | Aug 17, 2016
  • Famous people on

    This is the blog to list all famous people :) | Read More

  • big and small lets save them all

    animals have the right to live just like we do would u feel if someone took ur family member and eats them for lunch , or skins them alive for getting fur of ur coat or shoes , or  perform experiments on them . just because  they cant spea... | Read More

  • Be careful what you wish for

    | Read More

    • hbeck
    • | Aug 17, 2016