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    • A Family Of Sorrows

      Well, this is it, the final week for the Scorpions as they were bumped out of the play-off picture last week when the LA Vibe bead the San Francisco Mechanics. At least Arizona is in for a bit of fun and revenge as it is that very team that they a... | Read More

    • Finally... Dry Land! Wait! Where'd Everybody Go?

      Posted by Steve Farmer aka StoopidBishop It figures, just as Arizona gets their mojo back it is too late! Arizona took on the Seattle Sluggers with a hope that they might just make the playoffs with a victory. While the victory came, and in a big... | Read More

    • Keep Treading Water You Scorpions!

      Boy, I tell you, we get no respect! The Scorpions have been adrift in the Pacific (Division) for a long time... There was a chance when the Dreadnaughts came sailing through, but NO! They threw down a couple of MRE's and kept on going. Next the Sc... | Read More

    • Help! Send Search & Rescue!

      Posted by Steve Farmer, aka StoopidBishop 10/14/13 Arizona seems to be lost somewhere in the Pacific Division as they lose another match, this time to the Connecticut Dreadnaughts. For the video lovers here is the recap of the entire match:   ... | Read More

    • Under Water In The Pacific

      Arizona goes down and St. Louis goes up!  Here is a video recap of all four games for those too tired to click through the games  It was not a pretty sight to say the least. Arizona had a very tough assignment on Board 1 with Molner taking o... | Read More

    • All Is Not Lost With A Draw!

      The week 5 Match between the LA Vibe and the Arizona Scorpions was certainly a specticle for the viewers! Board 1 was a bit on the boring side as the players both took their time and decided to split the point after only 18 moves.  Things on Bo... | Read More

    • The Forgiving Flexible Najdorf

      Last week the match between Arizona versus Manhattan had many interesting games. In my last blog I showed a video of the game Altounian vs Vovsha, an interesting positional masterpiece. Today we will move very far away from the positional end of t... | Read More

    • A Win By Submission!

      By Steve Farmer 9-23-13 Greatings fellow, USCL and Arizona Scorpion fans! I want to thank you all for stopping by for a look and a special thanks to all who have started following my blog here on Let's get the ball rolling..... | Read More

    • Chess Is Tough In The USCL!

      By Steve Farmer 9-16-13 Last year Arizona won the Western Division Semi-Finals and this year they start out the season with one drawn match and then two losses back to back. This is a tough start to the 2013 season, if the Scorpions are to have a... | Read More

    • Western Conference Semifinals Preview

        By John Gurczak After a very close nail-biter versus the Seattle Sluggers last week the Arizona Scorpions move on to the Western Conference Semifinals to face the dangerous Miami Sharks. Arizona has struggled against the Sharks the previous t... | Read More