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    • Is hello necessary?

      I must say I have had quite enough of people who belittle others to make themselves feel bigger. On this site you reach out and challenge members for a game and if there is some chess chemistry there, you may go on to play many other games. Well T... | Read More

      • Badgal4ever
      • | Aug 10, 2008

      I can finally say I have gotten better! I was a bit intimidated playing real players (because my first chess site was yahoo), so I played several chess engines. The problem with those is you can take back moves and I feel that slowed down my learn... | Read More

    • Got any pic's?

      Can someone please tell me why anyone would need to see my picture in order to play chess? Here’s a secret; if you do not see a picture on someone’s profile, that’s because they don’t want one there. I am quite tired of being picked up e... | Read More

    • Amazing Grace!

      I have to say that I am really impressed by the people on this site and their amazingly gracious attitude towards playing with novice players and assisting them to get better. I have played on other sites and the cheating by pulling oneself out ... | Read More

    • When Will I Learn?

      I don't know, but it seems to me the more I try and study Chess the worse I get. In the begining I was just playing with the few people I know that play. I decided to get some Chess engines and practice. I understand all the concepts, but I do... | Read More