Got any pic's?

Can someone please tell me why anyone would need to see my picture in order to play chess?

Here’s a secret; if you do not see a picture on someone’s profile, that’s because they don’t want one there.

I am quite tired of being picked up everywhere I go! I would like to be able to do something I love with out someone coming on to me in someway. I used to really enjoy dancing and playing pool, but can’t do that much in peace.

So I am here hiding safely behind my Laptop playing chess and not caring if you all have a picture up or not just happy to be able to share a game.

I apologize, but that question makes me so defensive! “Got any pic’s”? Heck No!


OK OK... I CHANGE MY MIND!!! I wrote this blog a long time ago and I have come to realize that many male players are intimidated (I choose to use that word) by female players and their egos can't handle losing to a woman. Having my picture up actually helps me crush them! Kiss


  • 6 years ago


    Thank you gopaul! I have actually learned since this post that having a picture of me actaully helps my game... It's funny, but I guess males actually think women that play chess play the role of a "typical nerd". Well I am proud to say that I AM A NERD, but there is nothing typical about me :)

  • 6 years ago


    I's you'r freedome to show any pic or not..

    But there some pic is batter then the empty fram..!!

  • 6 years ago


    You have every right not to post pictures! Don't worry about what anyone thinks!

  • 6 years ago


    Thank you Bean69, Little man and Markle. No one could ever dictate what I do in life. That is my decision and my decision alone.

    Liar, I read this note quite awhile ago and I am sure I did want to blaze you, but happy we played a game instead and now I have a new friend. HOWEVER, just going through my notes to see what I wish to delete and I came across it again. Yes the feeling of anger is bubbling, but I will supress it to say first this is a public forum, please do not apologize for how you feel or what you believe. Second I can not be responsible for the small, narrow minded thinking that the name "Badgal" generates in men. That name is significant to me because I feel in my life I have been to Hell and back and I am still here ready, so I am THE BADDEST GAL! Third, you may be right about the avatar. Even though I do not feel it is over the top, I have chose to remove it to have some peace. Thanks for your comments, i haven't been on here for a bit, but I'm back! Maybe we can play sometime.


  • 8 years ago


    I don't mean to offend, but I would suggest taking the naked lady off of your current picture.  I'm not judging anyone here, just trying to help.  While I'm at it I might as well say that nothing screams internet porn model quite like the name "badgal" 

    I would apologize for being blunt, but that wouldn't be honest.  Plus, I suspect that anyone who is capable of enjoying a game of chess probably knew all that stuff anyway.  I'm fully prepared to be blazed, but how about a game, instead?

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       I agree with Littleman, dont let a few jerks stop you from playing a great game and having some fun. As we say at work you cant help it if you have to deal with some idiots in life.

  • 9 years ago


    yes it is a shame really just let them know your not interested and if they still persist dont play them again but i hope u dont let these people stop u from playing this wonderful game......Cool


  • 9 years ago


         i see you have been harassed and thats ashame. this is so suppose to be a place where a person can come to relax and have fun, some people are so desperate. i aplogize my sister for those ignorant people!!!
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