When Will I Learn?

I don't know, but it seems to me the more I try and study Chess the worse I get. In the begining I was just playing with the few people I know that play. I decided to get some Chess engines and practice. I understand all the concepts, but I don't seem to put it all together for some reason. I begin beating the Chess program only because the moves are repetative, so now I am playing online and getting my but kicked! I am not a quitter and I hope to read this one day when I win a fair amount of my games.



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    Hey..now ur looking like champ :)
  • 9 years ago


    u will learn, thats the sameway i use 2 feel and sometimes still do, i have a hard time playing better players but now im starting 2 win and u will 2!!!!!
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    Hi Badgal4ever,

    Be patient and continue with what you are doing now! You are on the right track. Some time, soon enough, you will find that something suddenly "click" and you start to win! Lo, and behold , you have managed to put all that you have learnt together and develop your own chess style. I would start by learning tactical combinations first,this is the weapons you need to finish you opponents on the board. Knowing Mating-patterns and how to make them come about in your game is essential towards winning-chess! Try to play OPEN Games, where you can bring out your minor pieces (but NOT your Queen) quickly into play. In Open games, tempo is of the essence. Study the games of Paul Morphy. Learn how he increases his lead in development to overwhelm his opponents.


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    You will one day indeed. Your just going through a growth period and it will eventualy kick in and your chess will improve alot over the next few months or so, good luck in your games and good learning mate....Cool
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