Red Wing Team Matches

This is another blog I've started just for my own organizational purposes.  If I don't have all this information in one place, I lose track of things.

As an admin in many groups, I start new Team Matches after each Red Wings hockey game.  They're all 5x5 matches, and the time controls are dependant on the score of the hockey game.

I may go back and add last season's matches at some point, but here are just the matches from the new 2009-2010 season:

Red Wings Cruise to 3-1 Win over Flyers: Dark Knights vs D'ChessBomb

3rd Period Comeback Lifts Red Wings over Rangers 4-3: Chess Turtles vs Chess Association

Red Wings Lose First Game of Pre-Season 3-1 (to Buffalo): The 2K Club vs Chess Association

Red Wings Grounded in New York 4-2: Animal Lovers vs Kairav's Chess Masters

Red Wings Fall to Flyers 5-2: Nimzo-Larsen Attack vs King Anthony's Masters Group

Maple Leafs Out Shoot Red Wings 5-4: Chess Turtles vs King Anthony's Masters Group

Red Wings Lose 2nd in a Row to Toronto: Dark Knights vs King Anthony's Masters Group

Red Wings Show the Penguins How They CAN Play: Animal Lovers vs Chess Association


  • 7 years ago


    Yes, the picture is of me, my mom, and my grandma ("Nana") at her birthday game in March when she turned 106.  The Red Wings have been hooking her up royally since she turned 103.  She is in AMAZING shape.  Usually if you see someone over 100, they're in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank, but Nana was just square dancing at the State Fair last month!!

  • 7 years ago


    The red wings did not get robbed, they just stored up the memory for this season.

  • 7 years ago


    I think they gave the game away.  They were just standing on the ice watching Pittsburgh play the game.  They weren't even trying.   Yell

  • 7 years ago


    so did you think the wings got robbed last stanley cup finals on that icing call?

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