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    • Emanuel Lasker: Flipping the Bird

      In 1880, at the age of eleven, Emanuel Lasker learned to play the game of chess from his brother.  Within nine years, Lasker would be playing and winning against world class chess masters in both tournament and match play.  In 1894, at the ag... | Read More

    • Playing Capablanca's Piano

      As I have mentioned previously, I am not one to memorize openings in an attempt to gain the upper hand.  Instead, I focus my efforts on positional play, while following a few simple guiding principles.  For more on that subject, please review my... | Read More

    • Stumbling Into History

      As a relatively unskilled player, I am not, at this point, capable of memorizing numerous opening variations.  The vast diversity and eccentricity of openings utilized by my opponents here at precludes me from ever memorizing everything... | Read More