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Brucia la Luna, Brucia la Terra...

    • My ghost like to travel so deep into your space

      I had the misfortune this week to be stuck driving my husband's land whale of a truck. My car needed a few repairs. All was not lost... he left Peter Gabriel in the disc player! I do like the man's taste in music... this one has been playing in my... | Read More

    • Brah... you're right in front of the quinoa!

      I love me some small shopping carts! Too cute! | Read More

    • You are going to carry that weight... a long time.

      her heart... she gave freely... now it weighed heavy in her chest.she longed to cut it out... be rid of it.she knew it was not to be...she would carry that weight... a long time. i never give you my pillow... i only send you my invitations. and... | Read More

    • The Search for Iconic Images...

      Type *iconic* in your Google search bar and click on images... what do you get? Hmmm.... well, not too far down the page you will see this pic of Bobby Fischer... which I really like. If you click on the pic and go to the website from which it or... | Read More

    • Crank Calling at Christmas... say isn't so

      What is the world coming to? Or should we say what was the world coming to? There was a time, before we carried computers in our pockets that serve as phones and such... when no one had caller id. Really. It was not so long ago. I promise. One h... | Read More

    • nobody move. nobody move.

      Pinback. Summer in Abaddon. Fortress. stop. it's too late. i'm feeling frustrated. i see no sign of fortress. i see no sign of fortress. i like this song. and the video is pretty cool too. enjoy. Too long til fall, sick summer in bedYou... | Read More

    • No one's going to take me alive...

      Don't Waste Your Time Or Time Will Waste YOU! Knights of Cydonia - a song i have been listening to recently... just kind of grabbed me... i ride around Hotlanta with my windows down and this song blaring. i am so immature... really. :) i would ... | Read More

    • Give Me Fantasy or Give Me Reality!

      I want both... very fantastic and very real. And why not?? Don't you hate it when you wake up from an exquisite fantasy and realize it could be a reality if only people would cooperate. Damn you people. And the horses you rode in on. I have them... | Read More

    • Not the sunniest thought that ever crossed my mind...

      But, hey, that is the way it goes sometimes...  We are all damaged. Whether by experience or design... it just is. Not content to be damaged alone... We work hard to damage others. I do not want to damage anyone. I do not want anyone to dam... | Read More

    • ☂Take me in. I asked him time again.

      A touchy, feely girl song... perhaps. For some reason whenever I feel really crappy, blue, bummed out... I play this song and I usually feel okay by the end. Not sure why. Can't explain it. The lyrics are not all that... a couple of poignant phras... | Read More