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This is a blog that chronicles the struggles with chess improvement through the study of historic games, musings on various fad imporvement techniques, and games from my own experiences.

    • Wait, I play chess?

      That’s how it feels this summer. I’ve been caught up with typical life things called work and family. I haven’t been doing anything chess related since my last post and oddly I’m Ok with that.  I’m working on an interesting medical devi... | Read More

    • Chalk it up for experience

       Chess hasn’t been a priority in my life recently. But I LOVE this game and wanted to “enter the arena” at least once a month. I signed up for the Mass G60 one day event.  I played 3 out of 4 games  with a first round forfeiture with my o... | Read More

    • Plateaus and walls: Asking the right questions

      A couple posts back I touched on the topic of George Leonard’s work on Mastery. The Dabbler, Obsessive and Hacker were mentioned.  Just revisiting this made me more aware lately on how I approach things when I hit the wall or am stuck on a plat... | Read More

    • Building a better time machine

      When I say time machine, what I mean is a chess clock. A few years ago I was involved in a project that was to add USB to a chess clock to aid TD and users in general who have trouble setting the chronos or other digital chess clocks especially in... | Read More

    • Mastery: Dabblers, Obsessives, and Hackers

      From my last post, one reader commented that I should read some books about sports psychology. It reminded me of a book I did read on the subject a few years ago called Mastery: The keys to success and long term fulfillment by George Leonard.  Yo... | Read More

    • The Psychological Game: Confidence Index

      I recently played in a one day G30 event with friends. Despite my deliberate practice honing chess skills with my opening repertoire, positions that may arise and tactics; when you’re off your mark, you will have poor results.  After a draw and... | Read More

    • Recent game where I used the Advanced D-pawn chain ( as Black)

      Just a quick post showing a recent game were I played an advanced d-pawn chain as black with a PLAN! The issue is that I faced an “Anti-caro-kann”  set up twice in the same day. The first one I mainly went for the advanced d-pawn setup and h... | Read More

    • Looking beyond the basic pawn structures : Advanced D5 chain

      One of the revelations I had at the Boston Chess Congress was that I could get to the middle game in most of my openings going on previous training and some rust removal.  In a couple of games where I played against the King Indian’s defense an... | Read More

    • The Games I played ( Boston Chess Congress 2015)

                                    For me, an adult with a full life outside of chess, there never seems to be enough time to prepare for a tournament, let alone any rust that forms after any long hiatus. I set aside the ... | Read More

    • Attempting Deliberate Practice

      I was away over the holiday and became ill, this slowed down my enthusiasm to train for the upcoming tournament on the  weekend of January 10th and 11th.  Despite these life obstacles, I still managed to continue my quest of creating more Cornel... | Read More