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    • Marshall Gambit Blog #1

      this is a page on Marshall, a sumpreme master back then. he was probally the second best at the time but there was just one person he couldn't beat; Capablanca(the world champion at the time). after losing many times to Capablanca, Marshal finally... | Read More

    • Blog for weaker players- the pin

      the pin is a very good tactic you should apply in your games because the peice that is pinned can't move or else something bad is gonna happen here is a puzzle were a pin wins a game\ another very useful pin is the absolute pin where the piece... | Read More

    • Blog for weaker players-the Semi Slav

      The Semi Slav- d4 d5 c4 c6 Nf3 Nf6 Nc3 e6 there are many main lines after this but the ones that most good players play are either e3 or Bg5. Personally I think that Bg5 is better. But e3 is played by many players too and it's not bad. Here is a... | Read More


      PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE WITH THE ANSWER and you have to think outside the box to find this puzzle out. It took me a real long time to find this puzzle out and it is really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     THIS IS A... | Read More

    • puzzle for master or above or if just want to try it

      THIS IS A MATE IN 5 THE MOST AMOUNT OF MOVES!!!!!!!!!!!! the continuation off of my other puzzle, except way harder so get out your board and start moving pieces!!!!!!!!! | Read More

    • d4 or e4

      the great debate about d4 and e4 can be solved, which one is your favorite and i will count them up. | Read More

    • favorite opening

      what is your favorite opening. please post it. i will count them and tell you the results after 100 people have posted their favorite opening. | Read More

    • Extremely hard puzzle

      You can see that black is all ready to promote in four ways so white has to win fast and quick. One mistake can cost him the game. | Read More