Cheating At Chess

There are a lot of disgruntled members in an official tournament I am in, so I looked deeper into the matter. What I found just flabbergasted me. One member jumped from a rating of 1181 to 1759 in 3 days! Not a loss ONE in Online Chess!

So, I did some research and reported the player. During my research, I found an ungodly number of topics regarding cheating!

I don't get it. If you are cheating, then you're not winning. I do not understand the payoff or satisfaction that cheaters get for their digital trophies, ego, and whatever else they think they get out of it. They aren't winning. They are cheating; using somebody or something else's skills or knowledge to win. Yet they get some kind of satisfaction or pleasure out of that?

This is what I think:

They're pathetic. Absolutely pathetic people.

I can not relate to a mentality that causes one to feel good from being fake.


  • 4 years ago


    @stephenson2: One blog entry about cheaters does not constitute "worrying about cheaters". Yes, I am on here to have fun. But I am also on here to compete. There is no fun in falling prey to a cheater.

  • 4 years ago


    People you set a bad example if all you do is worry about cheaters. If they are rude just disable chat. I hope this is mostly untrue but cheaters are very concerned about others cheating. If you are on this site to have fun, why worry?

  • 5 years ago


    @chessmaster, talk with "Kohai" in the live chess chat, she is in charge of that department. I accuse someone of cheating like 2 days ago. I am not a chess genius but a guy with less than 1000 rating won against me 3 times in a row, no mistakes!!! Then i watch his games against other players rated from 1400 and up and he played a perfect opening and a perfect ending, (not the middle because it jumps from begginig to ending lol... ) but the point is, u can accuse them and is going to investigate. =D
  • 5 years ago


    my most recent live game here on this a guy was using a engine while playing me but i don't know how to report him since its the first time someone ever cheated against me.

  • 5 years ago


    I got into an arguement with a very rude player called Rosequeen and I challenged her to a match. She played like a genius, or a supercomputer and the match was over before it had even begun, I didn't feel too bad about it because she was rated like 600 points higher than me, but I got a messege two weeks later that said she got busted for cheating. I think she was angry at herself for not being able to master chess so she tried to make other people feel bad by "beating them" and then being rude about it. There's a term in psychology for people like that, I just call them weak

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