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    • For a few tactics more...

      There is something to be said for games that make me want to stop playing for the rest of the day. Not because of a deep dissappointment or frustration from a loss or series of terrible moves, but rather, from an overwhelming feeling of pride at h... | Read More

    • Mates, Tactics, and most of a Game

       These were some tactics I was particularly proud of and would like to share with all of you :P. This next mate, uses a simple idea, but becomes impossible to stop. In this next puzzle, it looks like Black has over committed and is about t... | Read More

    • Some of my trophy tactical wins (by rating)

      I thought I'd share some victories against the highest rated opponents I could manage to beat on live chess. I didn't want to make my post a wall of shame for the fellows I bested though, so I've left their names off. Vs. a 1940 my highest :) Ag... | Read More