Game 6: Fischer vs Spassky - 1972 World Chess Championship

Game 6 between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky from the 1972 World Chess Championship (Match of the Century) was the greatest one of the entire battle. It includes a rare beginning of the game by Fischer's with 1.c4, a masterful game best described by International Master Anthony Saidy as "It was like a symphony of placid beauty.", and has attributed to it a wonderful act of sportsmanship by Boris Spassky who, after the game, stood up and applauded Fischer for the masterpiece he just played. Game 6 propelled Fischer into the match lead, one that Spassky would never overcome.


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    I did not analyze it in deep detail, but after Qh3, Black could capture on b2? Black should be happy to trade the b2 pawn for the very weak e6 pawn? Withe‘s e-pawn looks strong then, but I can‘t see a simple winning line, does someone? :)

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    Thanks for this great video.

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    Thanks for the video - is it 40 years ago? It seem like yesterday to me! Watch the video, consider the score against Taimanov, Larson and Petrosian and you will understand why Bobby Fischer is regarded by so many (myself included) as the greatest Chess Player of them all. The Chess World is the poorer with his passing and there is little doubt that we shall never see his like again.

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    NM ChessNetwork

    That's really cool. I wasn't aware of that mistermax. Thanks! :)

    Thanks for the feedback/compliments on the video all. :)

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    I remember that game and that summer vividly.  There had been a great cartoon on the cover of Chess Life and Review earlier. Spassky and his 2nd are looking at a newspaper with the headline: "Fischer-Taimonov 6-0, Fischer-Larsen 6-0, Fischer-Petrosian 6 1/2-2 1/2".  Spassky's second says: "But what if he doesn't play P-K4?".  And sure enough, it happened.

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    Yet another great video -- Thank you Jerry as always...

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    Fantastic!  Jerry, beautiful tribute on the 40th anniversary of this amazing game and this whole historic match. Never before and never since has chess been so primary in human consciousness and world politics as it was during this championship match. This is a fitting reflection on that epic struggle between two men, two nations, and two competing worldviews. 

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