My first win v.s. Fritz 5.32

In this game I asked for help only 2-3 times, and wone time I disagreed with my comp. I never asked for help during the last 5-10 moves. 


  • 9 years ago


    "Did I make any mistakes?"



    I must say, this is a strange and interesting game.  I think I could have lost with either color.  Nice play!

    After 14...Kf7, the rook is en pris but probably untouchable thanks to the threat of Qd6+.  I was initially concerned why Black didn't simply play 16...BxR, but in the scheme of things, the Bishop on d2 may prove to refute the text.  After 17. Re7, Black can not let the Rook have contol of that rank. It's forced mate. I'm surprised Fritz didn't see that.  So, Black's only real move is 17...KxR.  White still has 18. Qd6+, but Black, as mentioned, now has the Bishop on d2! Now, when the King is force to g6, there's one Rook it doesn't have to deal with and a Bishop that can come to it's defense. I'm not sure there's a mate in there, but it's a very complex situation, so I can't be certain.

  • 9 years ago


    Did I make any mistakes?

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