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I played a "Guess The Move" game on  The game was Nimzowitsch vs. Capablanca, New York 1927.  It took about an hour...and I scored 90 pts, 1 pt above the 89 par score.  This was the 1st time I've beaten par on this type of quiz/solitaire chess play.  This was a GREAT and interesting example of a Caro Kann opening/game.



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    You can play chess to win.

    Or you can play not to lose.

    The C-K is an opening how not to lose.

    I play to win not draw I take chances and I study current GM games (Bobby F. G.Kasparov etc) Be a man (women) study the King's gambit.the sicilion, the Scandinavian )

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     This game reminds me of this other game.

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    I guess I liked it because it was a hard-fought defensive struggle.  If you're looking for fireworks and amazing combinations - this isn't the game for that.  But playing through the game in the "Guess the Move" format that has, you get a real feel for the struggle and it was enjoyable to see how Capablanca dominated this game.  Every move made the position a little stronger and more favorable to him at the expense of Nimzowitsch.  Inch by inch, move by move, the game moved more and more in Capa's favor.  By the end of the game, Capa's king was safe behind an impenetrable wall of protective pawns and all his pieces were active on the other side of the wall, while Nimzo's forces were stuck on his side of the wall trying to protect a king under seige.  I thought it was a great game!  I think it was also featured as the "game of the day" on (not sure when that was...).

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    Congratulations on your score.

    Sorry but I found this game boring. I relly tried to find a reason to like it.

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