U.S. High School National Championship (Unrated Section)

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     These are the games, in order, that I played in the tournament: I finished 6 - 1 - 0, tied for 3rd place, 6th place on tiebreak. A few of the games are very weak, especially the first one inwhich I blundered two pieces in two moves, from a winning position.
All of my games (including the first one, until I blundered) were relatively easy. No game lasted longer than 32 moves [EDIT - I did not realize that my third game was 43 moves]








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    Chessmaster102, I will analyze them when I have time to. I will make another post with my analysis of some of them.

    Dolebanana, I played with the Queen's pawn because I recently started playing the Slav as black, and I am fairly good at it, so I wanted to get into a Slav like position as white. 

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    why is it anyone strong or has placed high in a tournament never likes to include analysis with there games ?

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    Hey, well done. Too bad on that first game. Any reason you started with the Queen's Pawn in the last game?

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