Winning by not defeating

At this very time, when im writing this, i'm at 1414 points. A score i dont feel proud of because the three recent games that gave me these point have been win by resignation eraly in the game, a win by time and yesterday a win by accidental resignation (i played a friend that had'nt caught on the timelimit being in days and he had to run, so he forfitted)

I dont feel a really deserve these last three points, but they're there anyway. I have studied openings, i have played my c-p at home three times as much and my game really improved during the last four weeks. So some of the points i actually deserve.

But i really hate it when im handed points with no effort...

    • No Retreat baby, no surrender!!

      Check this out right.Im playing ths dude, a very good player and a nice guy - and already in, like, move three of four i feel the game slipping out of my hands - my opening was a total disaster - but yet i managed to fight until the bitter end. Of... | Read More

      • Equinoxx
      • | Feb 9, 2008
    • where did i go wrong?

      I played a game against this guy, right, and i felt good about the outcome and my thoughtlines up until a certain point where it all went haywire... I might be blind to it as it is my own game, but i cant for the life of me see where i f-ed up...... | Read More

      • Equinoxx
      • | Feb 3, 2008
    • AAARGHH !!!

      Yet another win by resignation, and this time (sorry but i have to let them see) it was the last game between me an jtun23 (1feb 08) I saw a lot he could do, a lot i wished he did'nt do and some things i could do if he did the things i thought... | Read More

      • Equinoxx
      • | Feb 1, 2008
    • Winning by not defeating

      i've just gained a bunch of points in three wins in a short while - but not by playing great or even mating. The first game i won by resignation in a position i didnt see my self as superior, the second game i won by time and now the third gam... | Read More

      • Equinoxx
      • | Jan 27, 2008