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The key to playing chess or checkers is control of the center. Since I haven't played blitz chess in a long time, I forget the tactic is different. Overwelm the oppoent with fast attack moves before he gets a chance to think. Playing chess live everything seems to come back. But I still make the stupid move of not protecting my piece and move some other piece. Do you make moves of not forgeting a piece under attack? Or not completing the move because you didn't movethe cursor far enough befor it slipped at the wrong square?


  • 6 years ago


    I believe the key to playing chess, like many games, is initiative. Control of the center is merely the most effective means of gaining the initiative in chess. I assume the same is true with checkers. My Grandfather and Great Uncle were checkers champions. They taught my Dad a lot about the game and in turn I learned quite a lot by simply playing him. I believe initiative in checkers is paramount as it is the quickest route to restricting your opponent's resources. I very often have cursor problems online, it is an unavoidable byproduct of the interface. Interestingly there are parallels in live games. Often our biological interface to the world experiences glitches which cause us to make a move we would never choose with a clear mind. It was a pleasure playing you today, best of luck solving the riddles of strategy in two person turn based games. Smile

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