What is currently the best chess column in the world?

Hi guys!

First of all, Happy New Year! Wish you best in life with many many chess successes!

Now, it's time for short advertisement...

I am not sure if someone missed new wave of Chess Informant that started with Volume 113 but it's not too late to catch it. Now, time its time for Informant 115 - Speedmaster edition!

Yep, Informant 113 is already sold out, at least from Chess Informant as a publisher, but volumes 114 and 115 are equally interesting.

The big thing, I understood it should be said in every occasion, is that Informant now is written in English, not only in signs. We are talking about 124 pages from 340, that Informant contains in total. It is sort of magazine and collection of annotated games in one.

Therefore, Informant=English language, Informant=English language, Informant=....OK, agree, it was enough pressure :)

Well known journalist from Philippines, Bobby Ang recently has wrote :

“SOMEBODY ASKED me what is currently the best chess column in the world. I fought back the impulse to immediately reply "Chess Piece in BusinessWorld" and actually gave this some thought. Kavalek’s column in Huffington Post is an excellent candidate, but I would have to say that the best chess writing as of this moment is "Garry’s Choice," Kasparov’s column in the Chess Informant, where he would annotate recent games and at the same time talk about them. This is exactly the way I like to write -- to explain to the readers the moves and the story behind them.”

Next to Kasparov's column, there is lot of interesting content but now I will just pay your attention to the game annotated by Sergei Movsesian, the game that actually decided who will earn the gold Chess Olympiad medal in Istanbul 2012. It was Armenia, of course! His win over Almasy from the last Olympiad round is one of those writings that make Chess Informant 115 quite exclusive. 

Any comment is appreciated!


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    A well thumbed copy of Informator used to be quite a status symbol, back in the day, and all that gibberish added to the mystique. Now it is gone. Is nothing sacred?

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    Thanks for posting this interesting blog. Offhand I still prefer Kavalek not that I'm saying he's better than Kasparov (which would be a rash judgement) but he is cheaper to come by - ie you don't have to buy anything to read his column.

    BTW I think Chess Informant is awesome (but so is New In Chess magazine) unfortunately I don't have the time to read either one.

    PS: Everytime I've tried reading an RSS feed it looked like crap - about as well formatted as the indecipherable gobbledeegook you see when you click on "inspect element" for any web page. How does anyone read RSS feeds?

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