Epic Battle at the Arcata Chess Club

Here's another installment of the Chernoff - Shields saga at my local chess club in Arcata, CA.  This time the game was tense throughout, and culminated in a messy (and decidedly anticlimatic) time scramble.



  • 6 years ago


    5 ..d5 I meant. Sorry.

  • 6 years ago


    6..d5 is a mistake according to fritz. When are you going to accept my friend request?


  • 6 years ago


    Hi Christian

    Thanks for posting the game.

    Once a year I go to Arcata and stay overnight

    Bowl against a four man team in the everning. Then in the morning we bowl a different team.

    Going home around 2 pm. There is only one bowling center in Arcata on the main hwy.

    Maybe I will let you know when I am in town and we can have a game.


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