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    • Openings to experiment with #2

      In club play I've recently come across the Tartakower variation of the Sicilian defense. This is a gambit which often arises from the move order of the "Smith-morra gambit", which is slightly different theoretically, although in most cases they re... | Read More

    • A bust for 2... f6?

      The opening 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6? is often played by very early beginners. It doesn't look good but it can be hard for a biginners to fully refute. For example, in this game (before I figured out the refutation) I had to play a positional struggle a... | Read More

    • Openings to experiment with #1

      This blog is going to be devoted to some old, tactical, unusual, or dangerous openings. As a disclaimer, I can't say that all of these openings are sound (i will say so if i DO think they are), but they're certainly fun! So, for today let's start... | Read More

    • Some endgame Ideas #2

      OK, last time we discussed exchanging, now, let's talk about lackadaisical play that can throw away a win. In the game I show I was playing someone around 600 pts. higher rated than myself, yet I managed to acquire a winning endgame position. Un... | Read More

    • Some Endgame Ideas #1

      I'm not a great player, let's be honest. However, I've noticed that one of the weakest areas of all ametuer players is the endgame. They are inded quite difficult, especially if you aren't familiar with the principles that go with it.   In this ... | Read More