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Hi Chess.com / Friends.

S.O.S, I find myself creating this blog in an effort to identify weaknesses either in my game or mind. 

I feel that I lack creativity which is resulting in losses only compared to the current economic crisis (look at my graph). I've always liked to believe that I'm a creative sacrificial uncover the King kind of player but as most CEOs now a days I need a bailout from well Chess.com. I need tips, ideas, HELP! Money in millions would help but seriously. =)

Could this slump be perhaps a result of a years worth of continuous play. How can I be falling behind when my interest is greater now then last year, and to make matters worse I seriously got stepped on in over the board games this past weekend. 

What could it be? Is my game to passive, do I not understand my positional play? Do I not pay enough attention to what my opponent is doing? Chess.com I'm stuck! S.O.S.

My graph below.


  • 8 years ago


    I must submit that I've come to the conclusion that my rating high or low isnt important to me anymore.

    Im free of it, I want to enjoy the game of chess!

    I was caught on how big my rating was and no longer enjoyed the games as is. I lost sight, to be truthful I had a rating complex.

    I truly thank all those who posted a useful comment you each helped. But my mentality has evolved, however now Im finding creative positions, solutions and tactics. Becuase I feel I am free from blaming my errors and feeling the rating loss. 

     I have changed my chess modus operandi.

    Those who understand and feel the same, let me know.


  • 8 years ago


    Thanks Carvilla,

    You feedback on my pawnstructure is very true. I need to focus on keeping a stronger and solid pawn game.

    Many Thanks, everyone's insights, opinions are very helpful and useful keep them coming!


  • 8 years ago


    My friend,

    You are a very, very strong player... your slump is quite similar to mine: I lost something like 150 points in one week!. Why?, perhaps, because I made the mistake of joining too many tournaments and playing too many matches at the same time.. some 60 at one point, about 45 today.

    I shouldnt tell you this secret but the few times I've managed to defeat you it was because of a strong position of pawns during the middle/engame. Perhaps you are concentrating too much on attacking, while your opponent is silently and patiently setting up a fortress or suffocating your bishops (does it ring any bells?).

    But, I'm sure you'll soon be back up, and higher.... I just hope I will too!

    Un abrazo,

  • 8 years ago


    Thanks Rob,

    In my growth back September 08 I actually embarked on the effort to grow, what I did then was reduce drastically the amount of games, I stopped playing games that were 1 day per move's and began to utilize the analysis board quiet often (as some of my friends know) and I grew and grew.

    I continue to pursue the same objective, I know the change in my game is within me, I will try to keep my game as level as possible and I need to purchase  the book by Silman.

    Thank you Rob, I do hope you join us soon in our meets, and perpahs we can organize a larger event.

    Thank you once again. Cool

  • 8 years ago


    Interesting... I suffered something similar a while back. Here is my "all-time" graph, measuring my rating from January 2008 until now:

    Rob's all-time rating graphAfter six months on chess.com, I started to flirt with a 2000 rating for the first time. Then before I crossed that line, I had some kind of serial disaster in my games and crashed back down to 1700. It took me nearly 6 months to regain my previous level.

    This also translated into bad OTB performance, by the way. The low point in September 2008 was around the same time as the Miami Open, where I bombed on days 3 & 4 to finish just outside the money.

    Right now I am dipping just below 2000 again, due to a definite lack of concentration in my games - I need to tighten it all up and avoid making stupid mistakes. Also if I avoided playing late at night on my Blackberry that would probably improve my game...

    So now here is Izjar's "all-time" rating graph, with my poor man's analysis... 

    Izjar's all-time rating

    To me it looks like things are not too disastrous, despite the temporary drop in rating.  Keep your game tight, don't play too many games at once, and see if you can stabilize around the 1800 mark. Then you can start climbing again.

    By the way, how did I climb from 1700 back to 2100? partly due to some clumsy moves by my opponents... But mostly thanks to an amazing book by Silman called The Amateur's Mind. For me this was the single best chess book I have ever purchased, and it worked wonders in my game! I also spend a fair bit of time on Tactics Trainer here on chess.com, and that has noticeably improved my game.

    Hope all this helps... Looking forward to meeting soon at one of your events...


  • 8 years ago


    Patience and preserveance from Ian_sinclair, observation from rudy5050 thank you both. I will take each persons advice to heart! =)

  • 8 years ago


    Are you watching the games of who your opponent has lost to, especially those who you are beating.  I find that the best players are those that attack ruthlessly with one single mistake.  

    On a side note, I thought your endgame was pretty good.

  • 8 years ago


    Be patient! You could be going through a transition to will actually improve ur game 100 points or better. Sometimes it takes time. So keep at it and persue ur goals and it will come back stronger then even I'm sure.

  • 8 years ago


    Ha, ni Freud el mismo creo que me pueda ayudar! haha. Buena Maobkb, hahaha.

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