This Valentine escaped...

This Valentine escaped... from the a4 window.

How many times did you let an opportunity 'slip away' when things were gettting more favorable? Sooner or later you have to ask yourself... where did things go wrong!

After loosing the first game by going down a piece early, and following an inadequate combination, I was looking forward to game #2. In this game, I was surprised by my opponent`s aggressive play with the black pieces but, after evaluating the position after 20...Qxa4, I had discovered in my counterattack a winning position (or is it?)

Even though I was outclassed by my opponent by a margin of 287 rating points, I beleived that I still had a chance in the second game after the careless combination in the first game somehow, or possibly, left my fiery opponent in apathy or boredom.

As soon as I submit the move that cost me the game, I almost knew in an instant that "This was no ordinary Valentine!" I continued playing the game after this move, but, in reality, I had already lost... by letting the black queen escape with the a4 window wide open (22.cxd5 Qg4).


The following game dates back to March 2009. Even though I lost this game, it remains one of my favorite losses, considering I had the opportunity the follow up with a winning counterattack! How many of you out there see a winning position for the white pieces?

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