Me &>>So far I recall, I was then 8-9 years old ,who used to watch chess,pla

So far I recall, I was then 8-9 years old ,who used to watch chess,played by my father,mother,uncle,aunt(maternal).I often asked them to play chess with me,but they naturally used to ignore me.Nobody directly taught me how to play chess.Having observed and frequently asked them about rules of the game ,one day I suggested a good move at the on going game playing between my mother & father,that astonished them.From that day I started playing chess with my elder relatives.I learnt chess-annotation after my graduation degree. I stopped  playing chess for many years.I joined last November/2011 & It gave me a new life, that was more fantastic than ever before..Thanks CHESS.COM.


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    thanks @latifsa.....i hope i get to improve my performance here...ik

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    Dear, Indrakamal,thanks for sharing.May your wief's soul rest in peace.Yes you are right at that time we played chess in Indian's rule

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    LIKE you, i too used to watch chess at a very early age of around 8 if i recall correctly but those were 'indian' games where the rules were was when i came to stay at kolkata permanently,from bombay,that i first got introduced to the international system by a grand aunt and though i was 12 yrs then within only a few months i was defeating her in all the games and by 13 i had beaten all my relatives including my father who once at west germany had won a cup at blitz games.....i am basically a self taught player and i studyied opening theory books and studied games of alekhine,fischer and paul morphy...i had stopped playing chess completely and only started a couple of years and now that my wife died at the early age of 43 yrs on 26th august,2012, i guess i shall have more time to give my other love-CHESS....ik

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