Puzzle for my students

In this game, Black (me) has blundered a whole rook but still has 2 connected passed wing pawns.























Find 2 or 3 candidate moves for Black and justify your plan for each.





Rc1+ was the moved played. How would you defend as White? Justify your plan with careful analysis.



  • 4 years ago


    In diagram 1 black can win in many ways most clear is a3-a2. It is well known that two pawns on sixeth rank can beat a rook. 6th+7th rank pawns will even more easily.

    In second diagram after Rc1 which is again a standered method white can either try Re1 or Kh2. But in any case black will end up at least with extra bishop. 2.Kh2 Rb1 3.Ra3 Ra1 ! 4.Rb3 Ra4 5.Rb2 is best practical try for white.

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