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    • The paradox idea in the Benko gambit.

      In life of the chess GM there are not many moments, when he finds something extraordinary. I had a few such godsends, and this post is about one of them. In 2012 I wrote the book dedicated to the opening repertoire for Black based on the Benko ga... | Read More

    • Why is Carlsen so weak against 2500-2600 players?

      Surely, yesterday's draw in the Carlsen-Batsiashvili is the top news from round 1 of Qatar open, but I guess, that many of chess players could predict such a hard start of Carlsen. It's simply unexplanable, why he is so "weak" against 2600-around ... | Read More

    • A nice combination

      This could happen in the Arzumanian-Buchnicek, 2004 game. | Read More

    • Fantastic triangulation.

      It's just hard to believe that White should spend so many moves to win this position. How many moves ahead can you calculate here? | Read More

    • Amazing saving

      It's interesting to watch old games and old (no-engine) analysis. Highly evaluating everything, that players and annotators did, I strongly recommend to check out sharp lines from there. (first yourself and then with engine).This position could ha... | Read More

    • My student's Benko game against a GM

      Today my RSA student Francois Oberholzer did a good job against Georgian GM Merab Gagunashvili. He played Benko gambit, used some of my advices and got a winning position, but at the end he didn't believe, that he could beat such a strong opponent... | Read More

    •'s camp

      From July, 7 till July, 11 of 2014 I was an instructor at the first's University online camp. Camp gathered 21 players, who listened to lectures of Boris Gelfand (he analysed his win against Hikaru Nakamura and then answered to questions... | Read More

    • camp

      Hello, my friends! I'm proud to announce that I became a part of the training team for the camp. Other instructors are Boris Gelfand, Roman Dzhindhzihashvili, Valeri Lilov. More information here: | Read More

    • Danil Kucherenko Memorial Open

      The first Danil Kucherenko Memorial Rapid Tournament was held in Kharkiv last weekend June 7-8, 2014. Thanks to the extensive support of his friends and the organizational support of Mr. Kiktev Grigoriy, the player list was quite strong. There wer... | Read More

    • Find a move.

      In the recent rapid tournament I could not find an interesting idea. Wondering, how many members of can find it.   White to move. (it's not a win, just an unusual idea, which gives White clearly better position and that we both missed... | Read More