Daily puzzles #34.

Dear chess friends!

Last puzzle had only 5 pieces on the board but no one could get a correct idea. So, it's time to see a solution. How could it be found? Only be the way of going through all lines, I guess.


Next position has the same pieces balance. White again should win. Good luck!

Solution is here:



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    Soem knight and pawn endings!

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    nice! master Surprised

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    nlarison, nice.  Mine's the same with some options for black at move 6.

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    Ok so here goes:


    Hopefully this is fully explained. Any variation I did not explicitly include is likely an easy loss for black.



    EDIT: OK, this was my first time making a game like this. It doesn't look how I thought it would. Here's some more explanation:


    On his first move, black cannot move his king with success (as explained on the board). He has to move his knight, but it is crucial that the knight is guarding the a7 square so that white's pawn cannot advance. So in moving it, he has to check. Any moves made by black's knight hereafter are done because 1. black has to guard a7, or 2. black cannot move his king, so he has to check with his knight.


    Hopefully this is enough info--I don't think I missed any possibilities.

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