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Just today (Oct.10, 2010) I have read that Ukrainian WGM Galina Shliahtich (I'm not sure if it's correct FIDE name), Ukrainian woman champion of 1998 is strongly diseased. She is stuck to bed and really needs someone's help. Her diagnosis is (this is only what I know) disseminated sclerosis and tuberculosis. As well, according to news she has a lot of bedsores.

She has 14-years old son and around 70-years old father who cares of her. But there is no one who could provide her with necessary financial and medical care. She needs help and I hope that chess community can help her since Ukrainian government does not help own citizens very well.

I understand that everyone has own families, friends etc. And there are no many millionairs amongst of readers of this post. But if you have a desire to help to somebody who needs care - this is a good moment to do this! We together -  international chess community - are her and her family's last hope for recovering. Probably she is supposed to win some board prize on oncoming Olympiads, who knows, and we can assist her a bit right now.

According to last information her state of health is even more difficult than it is told in news. She needs urgent hospytalization to Kiyv for clinical examination (she lives in little city Kalush where no well qualified doctors). A cost that needed for this trip is only about 2000-3000 USD. How much will be needed after that - no one knows yet. There already 250 USD were donated. I strongly ask you to help Galina! It will be a nice jesture that will be very appreciated.

Here the link to news on Ukrainian TV that told about her problem -

Here promised translate of this program (just the most important): [Oct.11 2010].

"Moderator: 14-years old boy from Prikarpattya asks to save his strongly disabled mother. He has only an old grandfather besides mom. Actually, grandfather takes care himself of  both daughter and grandson.

Relatives and friends believe that 36-years old Galina will get a chance to recover after qualified examination by Kiyv doctors. Nowadays such specialists and money for trip and examination are being looked for.

Galina’s son: I want my mom were with us; she were able to enjoy life, to see sunrise and sunset; to be interested by my school, how I study and how I do in all.

Moderator: Artur’s mother suffers from Multiple sclerosis. She is practically deff and immobile and has terrible bedsores. But just two years ago in Poland Galina proved she is one of the best world woman chess players (and it’s nothing that amongst of disabled persons).

Father of Galina: She was a champion of Ukraine amongst of healthy woman!

Moderator: Shliahtiches have only diplomas, medals, cups and heightened pension (just around 100 USD per month) after great chess career of Galina. Father is almost 70-years old and he cares of both diseased daughter and grandson-schoolboy. …

Artur is browsing in internet as much as he can and looking for somebody who could save his mother’s life.

Here  a livejournal page of her friend who tries to help her is -

Here one more page is -

I place requisites for money transfers.

First way to send money is: Webmoney. If you don't have account there you can register on this link -

It will take a few minutes but will mean too much!

Webmoney accounts are: USD Z507321178995 (American Dollar) and EUR E383692265596 (Euro).

Another way is Western Union transfer to her father's name -

Ivan Shliahtich
Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

and then (necessarily) to send the WU confirmation code to her son, Artur, by email at:

A new way to pay money was created today: those of you who has moneybookers account can pay to email address:

Finally, we have dates for bank transfer from abroad: this one - for USD

and this one - for euros


P.S. facebook's group -!/group.php?gid=166739010006627&v=info


  • 6 years ago

    GM LuckyTiger

    Today I asked persons who help her directly... They said that her hands are much better but general situation is still very difficult. This disease is very tough, unfortunately...

    About moneybookers... After creating account MB has closed my account since accepting of charitable money requires a lot of to do according to their legislation. I have got some ammount that was resent successfully to Galina. Now account is closed.

  • 6 years ago


    moneybookers does not take money for her 

  • 6 years ago


    How is she now?

  • 6 years ago



    Perhaps you mean there is no cure.  There are treatments that prolong life and/or improve the quality of life for those afflicted by this disease.

  • 6 years ago


    there is no treatment for ms, the money is better spent making what time she have left more pleasent, but that doesnt cost 3k usd

  • 6 years ago


    I'd send you the whole sum if you haven't 'read' that Ukrainian WGM Galina Shliahtich Ukrainian woman champion of 1998 is strongly diseased.

  • 6 years ago

    GM LuckyTiger

    of course, 2000-3000 usd is not just for trip. she needs follows:

    1. trip itself; it can cost from 30 usd (by car to nearest big city Lviv - 120 km) if they are able to help her) to 200-300 usd for trip to Kiev that can be made by special car and desirably with doctor and some equipment near her (Kiev is more far). she is immobile and it's even a problem now to sit in wheelchair.

    2. examination. it can cost just about 100 usd to do a tomography. but except of this we also need to tuberculosis examination (to know if she is allowed to be in ordinar hospital).

    3. treatment itself. depending on the way doctors will choose it can cost up to 20000 euros (treatment by stem cells). Now there some conciliums are going to determine approximately what she really needs.

    So, total can be different. But problem is that we need to have as much as possible before she is moved from home. In order to avoid situation when she is in Lviv or Kiev's hospital; treatment is not over yet; but money is over and she should go back (we should remember that every trip is a big problem for her state)...

    We hope, in next few days situation will be more clear and we will know about exact ammount we need to start trip, examination and treatment. But for now we just pray about collecting more and more. Right now, approximate ammount that I know about is a bit more than 1000 usd (I don't know exact ammount since I'm not a person who collects money for Galina).

    I want to ask everyone who reads this now: guys, please, help her! She is in the very bad state: immobile, almost deaf, with a lot of bedsores... Her diagnos is multiple sclerosis (you can read about it here - And only urgent hospitalization can help her! PLEASE!!!

  • 6 years ago


    Is that 2000-3000 US dollars just for the trip?! Please tell me that covers all of her medical expenses as well. That is a lot of money just for the trip in Ukraine.

  • 6 years ago


    Sorry I'm Helpless But I Should Forward this Message..

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  • 6 years ago


    Too bad im broke and still living with my mom Embarassed. My only offer is a fake marriage to get her to sweden.

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