Week Report No 7

I reduced a number of games, and also a time spent here and in analysis. At the moment, only seven games in progress. Three are (still) in the 2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000). In a game agaist derveluche, it's 66th move, and I strugle for a draw in an endgame R+2P against R+B+P (I won the first game against him.) This game can decide: if it's draw, I insure the first place in the group! If I lost, derveluche has a chance to outrun me. It was a game full of interesting events, and I will submit it with comments in forum here, when it's concluded. I pllan now to conclude all or almoust all of games, and the started a new turn!

Unfortunatelly, it is also some fall of quality in my play. And the most of my oponents are now stronger, as I said in the previous week report! I have few blunders, resulted from hastiness and lack of patience. I repeat my old defects well-known from my OTK play and on-line play on other sites. Stupid me! Yell

  1. I am too agresive. When I attack, I tend to forgot on precaution, tend to be too sharp.
  2. when I calculate, I can be driven with some nice ideass, and sometimes overlook simple answers. And I didn't use enough an option which I have in turn-based play: to take 2-3 days for analysis when it's a critical possition. (I play very fast, little more the one hour per move. It's OK in average, but not in critical situations.)

I will send some of my defeats with coments into the forum here.

At friday, my rating the first time surpassed 2100, what is my next goall. Only for a short time, unfortunatelly, Cry for I resigned one game soon after.

I concluded six games this week. Three wins, one draw, two defeats. My rating still went up a little, from 2067 to 2080. My general result, sorted by level of oponents:

Total             #69 +50-9=10
2300+            # 2 + 0-1=1
2100-2299      # 5 + 0-2=3
1900-2099      #11 + 5-3=3
1700-1899     #19 +15-1=3
<1700           #32 +30-2=0

 I am better again at Tactics Trainer, around 2200 points. My goal is to stay at the first page on the list of players, i.e. among the best 50 ( of 6,366, not bad! But I still hope I can improve myself and my result.) I discussed about results with my friend Gonnosuke, which has a resuld near to 2300, and we agree that around 2200 problems become much harder, you need to find a series of hard moves. Tactic treiner is an excellent tool and I recomended to all to use it! It' normal that a young GM Rakhmanator is a the top! (The second is Aoxoxmoxoa, not so good player. I asked him about it, and he recognise he use the program for solving problems!)

In spite of my suspicious agaist vote games (see my Week Report No4), I joined the game The Human Mind Against the Computer, on humans side. We will see.. My opinons about chess programs I explained in the Week Report No5, and in the post Philosophy about Chess, Computers and God. Let me repeat the basics: computers don't play chess, but programs - and programs are wroten by humans! We, humans, are capeble to write our own programs - and computer not! It isn't a creature, can't be or slave or master - it's only a tool.



  • 8 years ago


    What is the point of using programs against tactics trainer (as Aoxoxmoxoa does)? May be he thinks his programs are children - and he is teaching them chess tactics.

    But what will happen if his programs, when they grow up, become bored with chess and want to play football?

    Or the programs get more interested in boys/girls than in games? Wink


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