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    • Wood Pushing?

      Hello It is nice to be back, as though I actually left. While not focused on, I spent the early part of the year with friends and family in San Francisco. The Bay Area always leaves me empty following the holiday. As a "Ma... | Read More

      • Momadu
      • | Mar 21, 2009
    • Checkmate!

      Hello Chess Friends, I hate to make this post. Seriously, I know it is cliché'. I know everyone bitches, I do. I am new here and need to post my feelings on these issues as they often dominate the forums. Well, let me get it out of the way the... | Read More

      • Momadu
      • | Dec 12, 2008
      • | 1 comment
    • My First Blog

      Well, I have joined First, let me say, I have been very pleased with the services has to offer. Let me introduce myself. I am Momadu, and the avatar to the right is my lovely pup Luna the Boxer. Yes, she is a white boxer. As... | Read More

      • Momadu
      • | Dec 2, 2008
      • | 1 comment