chess society vs chess warriors

recently i finished my games against my friend and opponent in this team match

comments are welcomed, not that any one had ever left a comment here :(



and my other game at the same board


hope you enjoy and comments are welcomed


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    good games comment :)

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    Yes, I know what you're talking about. I fell in love with 1 min+1sec per move bullett chess and allways keep blitzing even when not playing on time. That's when your intuition takes place and moves start comming from your soul. But corespondence chess is great for building thar "intuition" and purifying your soul :) Deep thought is always rewarding. :D I have read in many occasions, and while playing my friend and beating him 9 out of 10 3 days in a row, when he started to use the following technique, he beat me 3 out of 4, it is "Let every move be thought throughly and let no move be made without an idea. The princeple of winning is maintaining pressure and applying a bit more pressure every move." I learned that from Josh Waitzkin (the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer" was about him, if you havent seen it I warmly recommend it, it is cute.). I got carried away again. Whell, all my best, Amir.

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    very informative my friend

    if by move 11 you mean my response, i was thinking on creating a classical one line of 3 pawns structure to attack on center and queen side, as you would have probably noticed my pieces tended to manuever over the queen side.

    i saw your game, it was deep sighted and wonderful.

    the thing with me, or better say the problem i have, is that i think just for the situation, they were afew times in which i made a plan, and i think this because of lack of study. i am rapid player, but i hate 5min blitz. but even if i have 2hour time per 40 moves i wil play rapidling then asking questions‌:D

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    Please don't be fooled by CMdh9's rating. he is a very good player who had a few timeouts. i think he is in the 2000's allthough his performance varies from time to time...

    First game 6 ... c6 should have been Qd7 or so. U got your pawn back and doubled his pawns at the expense of 1 tempo. everything went downhill from there for him. I think he was also to defensive. He had a few opportunities to take back some material but he chose to defend which often results with a loss especially when the queens and high value pieces are on the table. Good game anyways. A strategical planning and deep thinking can be seen on some wonderfull outbursts of geniality. You had your share of down cycles aswell. I usually take 20 minutes or so to get ''into the zone'' and then start planning (yeah, right! you saw in our games my down cycles aswell :D when i just dont have time and blitz it out)

    Second game... Till move 15 (allthough move 11 i think is discussable) you were quite ballanced. White gave you abt 1/2 tempo or so.. Gennerally when you dont have a plan try to look for some patterns on developing like unlocking your bishop on the c file (like Ba6), connecting your rooks or even doubling them, thaking hold on a blank file (rook controll) or even gaining space by pushing pawns (like f7). I believe you know all of these patterns but it is allways good to have them in mind especially during the opening and early middlegame. Allthough move 25 worked for you, allways try to "hide your attack by manuvering and connecting few plans at the same time. I am in constant seek for a diversion" (if he hadnt commented it i did) the game was full of blunders. fortunately for you more of his :D indian atack isnt too strong. In fact today's masters abbandon indian because the opponent can offtenly have lots of plans to gain space, but the fianchettos are very usefull and dangerous. I became pretty skilled with black indian defence which i often play playing black with masters. The reason is that i just feel comfortable in it. If you have time i would like to show you a game with not to strong player on which i am proud at (because it is the game that is going to take me into the next stage of my first tournament. i had 1 mistake (exposing the rook to his bishop) and 1 blunder (misscalculating 6 moves ahead that his bishop can tame my piece where i started an atack with my knight) in it and managed to win a sure victory <<>&gt; I believe it shows the strenght of king's indian defence.

    I like your play. I think your game has much potential, but remember, every move counts and it is applying pressure which results in your opponent cracking and you winning the game. I wish you good luck in you games and in life friend. Lijepi pozdrav iz Karlovca!

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