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    • Stalemate in 10 moves? (Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the blunder)

      It turned out to my big surprise that a 10-moves stalemate is possible! Absurd, but possible. This was discovered by Sam Loyd, an American chess player and chess composer. I have no precise information on this, but at least some of the games below... | Read More

    • Anand's fantastic win (short and fast video)

      A short 3 minutes video of Anand's win against Aronian today. Only some graphical comments and fast replay of the game (please don't hate me for it!) Enjoy! | Read More

    • Dirty, rotten scoundrels!

      Back in the days when the music was still good and we used Analog chess clocks in tournaments, games that were ending with both players in time-trouble were exciting and often crazy. This particularly applied for rapid tournaments, especially if t... | Read More

    • One Bishop Army!

      Hi everybody,This is my first post on I didn’t know what to write about, because I’m still reading all the articles these wonderful people published here, searching for topics that haven’t been covered. But today I was looking tro... | Read More