When Champions Collide Part 1 (A92)

Here is Alekhine playing Capablanca at St Petersburg 1914:
Five world champions played at the Nottingham International Tnmt in 1936! They were ex-champs Dr Lasker, J R Capablanca,  A. Alekhine, current champ Dr Euwe and future champ Botvinnik. There was bad blood between Capa and Alekhine because Alekhine never granted Capa a rematch, although some sources state Capa never really wanted one. Anyway, this was their first game after the Championship Match of 1927 and once again Alekhine's tnmt score vs the great Cuban included only draws and losses (he only beat Capa in one tnmt game ever). Finally, their game included a very tense and unusual situation in which Alekhine plotted to win a double exchange (ie 2 Rooks for 2 minor pieces) but instead ended up with 2 Rooks vs 3 minor pieces and a pawn - and a quick rout as well. (Note: remarks and notes that appear disjointed ie are not followed by moves or analysis refer to variations given in the game score as alternatives to the moves actually played)


  • 4 years ago


    It's interesting that the engines like 22...g5!? 

    anyways a very powerful example of domination. The rooks got crushed.

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    I think the only mistake Alekhine made in this game is accepting Capablancas plan to strech one pawn chain to another, not opening files were rooks could dominate is also the main reason in my opinion of this defeat . how could that Panzer of Alekhine lose :( . anyway very nice and instructive game , thanks for sharing NimzoRoy

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