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I've omitted "brand-X" players from this list, however my other opening indices are complete. ECO codes followed by a small letter ie "B97a" indicate a separate game and not a duplicate link to a game already posted.

From the famous NY International Tnmt 1924 L-R, top row: Marshall, Tartakower, Maroczy, Alekhine, Reti and Bogoljubow. Bottom row: Yates, Capablanca, Janowski, Edward Lasker and Dr Emanuel Lasker. The source picture (much bigger) is from     

Alekhine A50, A92C15, C90  Anand E60  Benko B09   Bernstein C66, Bisguier C65   Bogoljubow B03  Bondarevsky C47 Botvinnik C18D73   Bronstein C36, Endgame Capablanca A92, C66,  Eliskases C90  Fischer A39, A77, B05, B09, B09a, B46, B68 B80, B88, B90,  B97, B97aB99, C12C39C69, C72C95D37, D41, D66 E41, E56 Fuderer B97  Gelfand E60  Geller C72Gligoric A04,  B80, D94, E61  Keres B97, C42 Korchnoi A55 Lilienthal C11Marshall C32  Mieses B13, Najdorf B90Nimzovitch C15 Pachmann A04 Petrosian A04, C12C13 Pillsbury D55 Rossolimo A82  Schmid C77  Smyslov C11C18, C47C64, C77D73E15, Endgame  Sokolsky A00  Spassky A39, A77, B05, B09, B46, B68 B88, B97, B97aB99,  C36, C39 C69C95D37, D41, D66 E30, E41, E56 Tal C13, E30  Tarrasch D55 Uhlmann D94, E15


  • 4 years ago


    Spassky played C36 (Kings Gambit) C36 is the ECO code (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings)

    There are no Spassky, Karpov or Kasparov variations in the KG, although there is a Fischer Defense 1.e4 e5 2.f4 ef4 3.Nf3 d6 - which was re-named in his honor after he wrote "A Bust to the KG" back in 1960(?) (for the Boy Scouts magazine!) after Spassky beat him with it - although his line isn't considered a bust nowadays

  • 4 years ago


    Is C36 Spassky?

    I think there's Kasparov & Karpov variations too, but I'm not sure. :)

    Nice one!

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