K+P Endgames with multiple pawns

Harry Nelson Pillsbury (December 5, 1872 – June17, 1906), was a leading chess player. At age 22, he won one of the strongest tournaments of the time (Hastings 1895 chess tournament), but his illness and early death prevented him from challenging for the World Chess Championship.

Pillsbury had an even record against Lasker (+5-5=4). He even beat Lasker with the Black pieces at Saint Petersburg in 1895 and at Augsburg in 1900 (however this was an offhand game, not played in a tournament):

Pillsbury also had an even score against Steinitz (+5-5=3), but a slight minus against Chigorin (+7-8=6), Tarrasch (+5-6=2)and against Joseph Henry Blackburne (+3-5=4), while he beat David Janowski (+6-4=2) and Géza Maróczy (+4-3=7) and had a significant edge over Carl Schlechter (+8-2=9). See Pillsbury's famous endgame win in Puzzle #99!

SOURCES: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Nelson_Pillsbury

Practical Chess Endings by Irving Chernev, DOVER 1960

1234 Modern End-Game Studies, [Puzzles # 18 - 42] compiled by M.A. Sutherland and H.M. Lommer, DOVER 1968 (originally published in 1938, and one of the first chess books to use AN)



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    cabrego you can also click on move list and play out the alternate solutions in the diagram

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    FYI, PGN contains alternate variations for any questions.  

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    FM gauranga    If you submit alternate solutions I can edit the puzzles and add them in the move list

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    nice article, thx for sharing

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    FM gauranga

    Nice article. A few puzzles had possible move transpositions, but it's tough with these puzzles to allow for these when only one solution move is correct each turn.

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    Thanks for the posting!

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    Thanks for postring :)

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    Why would the king move there
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    Thanks, nice breakthroughs. As Kasparov said, in pawn endagmes "always count!"

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    I like the puzzles, nice tactics shown there!

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    Thanks. I enjoyed those! Cool

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    This is exactly what I need to work on. I get impatient sometimes in these types of positions and can't get to the root of the problem. Thanks very much for posting these!

    Was it Pillsbury that said pawns are the soul of chess, or am I thinking of someone else?

    edit: It was Philidor.

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    Great puzzles. Some are very difficult for me.  I always need to work on this phase of the game.  Thanks for sharing.

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     Thanks for posting

    Roy will you be going over some of these positions or similar positions at your session this Saturday?

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    i love these puzzles!!

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    My favourite would have to be the sackmann (just the name alone is a clincher :D) game. All i have to do is get my queen on the back rank........buahahaha, fear my doubled pawns :)

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