NimzoRoy and Chess Set

The board is Teak/Bird's Eye Maple with 2.25" squares, with a 2" margin on all 4 sides, made in Spain. The set is the heaviest one I could find for under $200, the pieces weigh about 5 lbs. The King is 5.25" tall with a base diameter of 1.875",  Queen 4.5", Bishop 4", Knight 3.75", Rook 3.25" and pawns 2.75" tall with a base diameter of 1.375".
                          This is my buddy Pete holding the board to give you an idea of its size


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    Here's the receipt for my set, they don't sell this exact set now          (June 2013) but have a similar one that weighs 90 oz with a 5.25" King 

    Order#  200907180200193327        

    DateSat, 18 Jul 2009 02:00:19 CST   Cart Items2.0

    The Classic Series Chess Set - 5"  King  DCS-0003-C   $103.05

    Available Woods:  Black & Natural Lacquered Teak &                                                               Bird's Eye Maple Standard <- my choice

    Traditional Chessboard DCS-0059-D $111.60   SQUARE SIZE: 2.5" (63mm) 

    Subtotal $214.65 UPS ground shipping $25.37  Total $240.02

    This hand carved wooden Chess set features a 5.0" King with a diameter base (1.875") and weighs 80 ounces.  

    The Chessmen are new and come housed in a cardboard box. Each set consists of 34 Chessmen, 17 light and 17 dark (including the two additional Queens.)

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    good idea to get physical workout while playing.

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    Anyone know where I can get the set that they play with at the Tal Memorial? I want that one 

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    @chessmanfmarshall  you're technically correct the pieces are slightly too large but they don't seem to be in person

    "The proper square size for a set of good Staunton chess pieces is such that the width of the base of the King should be 78% of the width of a square. So, divide the King's base diameter by 0.78 and you get the proper square size. You can increase the square size by 1/8", but the square size should not be any smaller. For example, a Staunton King with a base diameter of 1.75" would require a square size of 2.25" x 0.78 = 1.75" (1.75 / .78 = 2.24). Hence, you should use a chessboard with squares of either 2.25" or 2.375" (+1/8"). But a very simple way is just add .5 inches to the King base. That should do it!" (in my case the sq is only .375" bigger than the King's base diameter)

    PS: I noticed at least one dealer selling a set with a 2" King recommends a bd with sqs 2.25" - 2.5", I may have followed this or a similar recommendation

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    Balachandar yes the men are wood not plastic

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    are the pieces wooden?

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    See my blog post with the same pictures and a description of the chess set specs. I bought it a few years ago

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                          Just give us the height of the King!


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    cool size very weird

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