A82 Rossolimo routs Barda!

Nicolas Rossolimo (February 28, 1910, Kiev – July 24, 1975, New York) was an American-French-Russian-Greek chess Grandmaster. He was many times champion of Paris, France, and after relocating to the United States won the 1955 U.S. Open Championship. He earned many brilliancy prizes for his games, authored two chess books, and ran a popular chess studio in New York.

The Rossolimo Variation of the Sicilian Defence bears his name.

 The strongest players Rossolimo defeated were Efim BogoljubovDavid Bronstein, and former World Champion Max Euwe, against whom he had two wins and a lifetime plus score. He also scored draws against four world champions: José Capablanca, Max Euwe,Bobby Fischer, and Vassily Smyslov.

Rossolimo won many brilliancy and "best-game" prizes for his beautiful chess games, and has been called an "artist of chess"   SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolas_Rossolimo

Caricature source: http://www.perlukafarinn.is/skaksamband/myndir_erlendirskakmenn-LR.html



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    You're right! Nice to see someone reads these things, I corrected the names

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    sorry but there must be a mistake in the Pgn file . It should be Barda Vs Rossolimo 0-1 if I dont go wrong , black wins

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